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Arab American University Signs a Partnership Agreement With Sharek Forum Within Its Fifth Season Program

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Arab American University participated in the launch of the fifth season of the Tamiz program, which is implemented by Sharek Youth Forum in several universities in the country.

The university was represented at the ceremony by the head of gradaute Affairs Department, Bilal Al Ashqar, who assured the importance of Tamiz program in enhancing the chances of success and self-proving and discovering the capabilities available for students by exposing them to activities and experiments that will have a positive role in reducing the gap between the job market and academic life.

Al-Ashqar also thanked the University's administration for all those who are responsible for the program, assuring that the university will seek to harness all its capabilities and support for the success of the program, realizing that investing in its graduates and students must be successful, distinguished and accomplished.

This came during the celebration of Tamiz program in its fifth edition, organized by the Sharek Youth Forum in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund, in the Red Crescent Hall Al-Bireh with the participation of the Minister of Education Dr. Sabri Sadeem, businessman and member of the founding committee of the program Samir Hleileh, representative of the International Labor Organization Mounir Kalibou, adviser to the Prime Minister of the Arab and Islamic funds Minister Nasser Qatami, and deans of student affairs in partner universities. In addition to UNFPA Representative Andrés Tomasson and Sima Alami the Director of Youth Programs.

The program is organized under the slogan " Humanitarian Initiatives Led by Youth", which aims to create youth and community leaders by providing young people with the life skills, leadership and expertise needed to engage strongly to service of their communities, especially the vulnerable and marginalized groups, and improve their readiness for humanitarian intervention through an integrated program focusing To foster leadership and a sense of responsibility and to implement humanitarian initiatives aimed at reducing gender-based violence, especially among marginalized groups.

TAMIZ is a national strategic program aimed at empowering Palestinian university students by bridging the gap between the university environment of academic theoretical nature and the work environment that requires different kind of skills and practical capabilities required by the labor market, which are constantly changing due to the great acceleration in Business world.