Project Partnerships (Work Remote) Set Interviews for Arab American University Applicants

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The partners of (remote working) project from Sustainable Development Institution held a series of interviews for dozens of students and graduates from Arab American University who wish to join the project, which will implement by partners from sustainable development institution with partnership of Taawon Foundation, funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.

The committee included Mr. Bader Al-Hudhad, Program Director at Partners for Sustainable Development Institution, and Mr. Kamil Al-Khalidi, coordinator of youth programs at the institution, where they were welcomed by the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh, and Bilal Al Ashqar, Head of Graduate Affairs.

Dr. Daraghmeh assured that the university's belief in the importance of such programs in perfecting the students' experience and enhancing their skills and encouraging them to find jobs in creative ways to overcome the limited jobs compared to the number of graduates in light of decline in capacity of the local labor market. As he said that, the university works on providing opportunities for young people to apply their knowledge and transform them into practical experiences that make them an important source of economic and social development to contribute self-realization, development of their society and nation-building.

Mr. Bader thanked the University for its great cooperation and readiness to involve its students and graduates in various training programs to ensure the diversity of their expertise and excellence. The project aims to create employment opportunities for Palestinian youth by rehabilitating them and providing opportunities. The project also adopts methodology of Remote Work to qualify the Palestinian youth and enable them to be able to meet the needs of companies in the region and the world within the work implemented remotely. Assuring that the project will contribute to provide an environment for young people to start marketing their services in the market and reduce unemployment rate, create new thinking that establishes a Palestinian culture based on productivity and not giving in to the circumstances surrounding them.

Kamil Al Khalidi also explained that the implementation of the project will include several stages, starting from the establishment of platform that will serve as a mediator between the Palestinian youth and the international platforms of distance work through the development of a mobile application to facilitate the communication and marketing process for Remote Work. Also provide employment contracts for young people participating in the project, that qualifies 300 young graduates in specific technical fields determined and required from the platforms, in addition to qualifying 300 young graduates on recruitment skills to be competitors in the global and local markets.