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Tamayyaz Team visit Sabastiyia

Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Alumni Affairs Department, with the support of the Sharek Youth Forum, organized a tour to Sebastia and Al-Masoudia station north of Nablus, for Tamayyaz team to introduce the students to the tourism and heritage in the region.

They visited the Museum of Sebastia and introduced the student to its archaeological sites, and the settlers' attacks on the town, the museum and its antiquities, and the historical stations that shows civilizations in Sebastia and Palestine.

They also visited the Pillar Square, the Roman Amphitheater, the old church and the surrounding hills, followed by a visit to the Columns Street reaching to Masoudia.

Head of Alumni Affairs Department Bilal Al-Ashqar stressed the importance of these tours in the tourist areas, environment and heritage that aims to spread cultural awareness and encouraging internal Palestinian tourism. which helps students to identify the historical and archaeological areas in Palestine and promote them on social media to encourage the tourism.