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Ahmad Ghazawneh

Ahmad Ghazawneh

Ahmad Mostafa Ahmad Ghazawneh Assistant Professor Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Copenhagen.

Ahmad got his B.Sc. in Computer Information Technology from Arab American University in 2006. Then in 2012 he earned his Ph.D. in Information Systems from Jönköping University.

In one of his advice for youths he says;

A Swedish university rejected me as a student in 2007, so in 2015 I became there Academic Councilor.

In mid-2007 I began to apply to many universities in Scandinavian countries. One of the universities was the Swedish "Halmstad", it seems according to them I was not qualified for their academic program so I got rejected.

In mid-2015 I received an official invitation from the same university to work with them to develop their academic and research program in the field of information systems and creativity management.

Many universities rejected me as a student and many more companies rejected me as an employee, but every time I accepted the challenge.

Trust God, develop yourselves and walk forward.

​Ghazawneh is Palestinian/ Swedish born in Jerusalem. He is a university Professor, entrepreneur, startups founder and producer and presenter of management, marketing and collaborative innovation workshops. 

Proud of you