Hiba Masalha

Hiba Masalha

Hiba Abdul Halim Mohammad Masalha is an Editor and Reporter at Russia Today TV / Russia – Moscow.

She Graduated in 2013 from Arab American University specialized in Arabic Language and Media.                                                                                                                                                       

During my study, on my third year, I decided to volunteer and join Al-Jazeera Talk with a youth team to show the entire world our home Palestine through video reports and humanitarian stories.
I also volunteered to write reports and news for several websites to practically apply what I learned in school, all of this before graduation.


Your success starts with “What I want” then it’s up to your persistence and determination.

After graduating from the university I contacted the MBC reporter Qasem Al-Khatib, for training in his Jerusalem office. I trained for 3 months, after that I trained at the Arz production company in Nazareth for some time. Later I worked as reporter at the same company.

My training and work at Al-Arz opened a wide horizons with many Arab media outlets where I managed to contact them. This was my starting point as beginner journalist. My abilities developed significantly, however, I wanted to enhance my communication skills with other media outlets. Then I moved to Palestine TV through Marcel Production Company in Kafr Kanna to be hired in the same TV and be a local correspondent 1948 Palestine.

My dreams haven’t stopped here, I wanted to switch from local to international, I have wrote for many Arab and international media, without hesitation, to find new opportunity. This time it was an International channel in Arabic language “Russia Today TV”.

When the channel told me they chose me to be a member of its crew, I had prepared myself by observing what’s happening internationally on daily bases, this is probably what got me the job in the first place. Currently I work at Russia Today in Moscow, Editor and reporter addressing various issues in the world, in addition to prepare and present short and various newscasts.

My previous work in local media is totally different from working an international one. This quality shift helped me to improve personally and professionally. My previous local follow up allowed me to follow the situation and events on Arab and international levels. I became fully aware of all the developments on our globe.