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Moumin Abu Salamih

Moumin Abu Salamih

The Eng. Moumin Hashim Abu Salamih a technical technology manager who works at a Company specialized in manufacturing mobile phones and modern technology in the United Arab Emirates.

He joined the Department of Communications Engineering at Arab American University and graduated in 2013 and was one of the first students who were able to pass the bachelor's degree in communications engineering.

After graduation, he worked for four months as a quality engineer for mobile phones at Nokia Regional in Dubai. After transferring the ownership to Microsoft, he moved to the regional office that responsible for the Middle East Market within a specialized team of engineers. He was responsible for managing the product in terms of quality and Technical - technological relations with other companies. He worked in Microsoft for 3-year.

In 2017, Moumin moved to work in an Arab company specialized in manufacturing mobile phones and modern technology called “Eco-Fi” in Dubai. And is still on the head of his work as technical - technology manager.

Moumin’s job at the company includes manufacturing management for smart phones and to work within a team of specialized engineers to produce best Quality products, and select the product that fits the market and the aspirations of the Arab and African markets

As Moumin said, commenting on his studies at AAUP:

My message to the graduates and students is to be proud of themselves since their educational level is not like others but better, and I advise them give special importance to social activities relevant for students because that has greater impact on their personality and development