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Accepting enrollment applications in Master in Quality Management

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Announce registration opened for admission to master in Quality Management

Arab American University / Faculty of Graduate Studies

 Registration opened for admission to master degree in Quality Management

Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University opens registration for Master in Quality Management for fall 2016/2017 academic year. Within the following conditions:

  1. Applicant must hold undergraduate degree in any specialization from a recognized university or institution with at least “Good” standing.
  2. Pass the English interview


  • Application card can be gotten from the Financial Department at Arab American University campus, Jenin or from the university center, Ramallah.
  • Application must be applied only through university website (www.aaup.edu/apply). Submit required documents to Admission and Registration department at Arab American University, Jenin or the university center, Ramallah.
  • Teaching will only be in the university center, Ramallah.
  • For more information contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies Tel: 04 2418888 ext. 1471/ 1472/ or 02 2973984 or via email: wala.abusaifataaup.edu
  • Or contact the Admission and Registration department number 04 2418888 ext. ( 3 ) or via e-mail darataaup.edu
  • Or contact the Head of Graduate Studies d. Mohammed Abu Sharbe via email mohammed.abusharbehataaup.edu