Announcement To all Faculty of Graduate Studies Students: A Guideline on How to Choose the " Pass/ Fail " Evaluation for the Spring Semester 2019/2020 Courses

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dear Students,,

The Faculty of Graduate Studies wishing you the best, and asking you to kindly see the attached student guideline that clarifies how to choose “Pass/ Fail” link that you can find on your student portal. Please note the following:

  • Student can choose the “Pass/ Fail” evaluation through his/her own portal, not through the faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • This service appears only one time to students, and when choosing the “Pass/ Fail” evaluation process, you cannot go back to the “letter” grades.
  • The “Pass/Fail” evaluation service will start Thursday July 2nd, 2020 and ends Saturday July 4th, 2020. Students can choose to keep the grade of the course as it is (letter grades), this means that the grade will be calculated in the semester and the cumulative GPA, and the course will be shown in the transcript with the grade. However, If the student choose the “Pass/Fail” evaluation, then the grade of this course will not be calculated in the cumulative or semester GPA. In the transcript, the student will get a “Pass” to that course if his grade was C or above, and a “Fail” if the grade was F in that course.
  • You cannot choose the “Pass/Fail” evaluation for the courses that you had FA or INCOMPLETE in.
  • If a student is repeating a course that he/she already took before and passed it, then their previous mark will be calculated to them, if  they choose the “Pass/ Fail” evaluation.
  • Student can choose the “Pass/Fail” evaluation to be applied for any of the courses of the Spring Semester, and not necessarily for all courses of the semester.
  • Any student who is not interested in the “Pass/ Fail” evaluation, please do not do anything on your portals. 


The Pass/ Fail evaluation does not include the following programs:

  • MBA students
  • PhD in Business students
  • PhD in Information Technology Engineering students


Wishing you the best

Faculty of Graduate Studies – Ramallah – Al Reehan