Announcement: Contact Numbers for Technical Support of the E-Learning System

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dear Students,

Due to the recent developments and measures regarding the Coronavirus, and regarding to the decisions of the Dean’s Council in their meeting today, we would like to inform you that you can contact the following in case you face any technical problems in the E-Learning system:

  • Mr. Yousef Kmail 0599115765
  • Mr. Ali Kmail 0595242033
  • Mr. Mohammad Kmail 0599869548


Regarding any academic problems in your courses, please contact your Faculty Dean, or the Head of your Department, or your Professor.


You can also contact the Head of the E-learning, Dr. Ahmad Owais by email at


For technical support :

regarding e-mail, please contact:

    • Eng. Nasri Jarra 0569842165
    • Eng. Mohammad Hannoun 0599778665

    regarding e-learning - Moodle please contact:

      • Mr. Abdulmonem Abu AlHassan 0598014055
      • Mr. Nafea Hamamdi 0598508235


      Wishing you all the best