Announcement for Participation in the Palestinian Start-Up Support Program (PASS)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dear Students

You are invited to apply and participate in the Palestinian Start-up Support Program – PASS until next Thursday 07/06/2018. The program aims to turn the students’ creative ideas into real projects.

We will train the idea owners and guide them until they are able to join the labor market and launch their own companies. Also there will be a financial aid for the selected teams by the participating universities in the program, as follows:

  1. First stage: 30 teams of the participating universities will be chosen based on the ideas quality, attainability, and impact on community. Each team will get $3,000 to improve their idea and provide the equipment they needed for the project
  2. Second stage: The top 20 teams out of the 30 will be given $7,000 to proceed their work on their ideas and build their projects prototype
  3. Third stage: The top 10 teams from the 20 teams will be selected and get $10,000 each to finalize their application

For applying please check the link: Here