Announcement for Receiving Student Loan Funds Applications of Higher Education Institutions for Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2019/ 2020

Monday, August 26, 2019

Student loan Funds of higher education institutions in Palestine and Deanship of student affairs at AAUP announces the start of receiving loan applications for Fall semester of the academic year of 2019/2020 till Monday 30/09/2019.


Application Submission:

  • Create an account on the Ministry's website: through the icon "e-services" for the new student and then fill out the application by answering the questions asked and make sure to save the data.
  • Submit all the required documents to Ms. Aya Jarrar office Deanship of Student Affairs, in order to receive a proof application form and audit it. In case the student does not complete this step, the application is considered incomplete and is not considered.
  • Then the student waits for the result of applications then confirm the loan later, to benefit from it


Conditions of acceptance

  • The student should be regular student at the university and in financial need.
  • Have successfully passed at least one semester.
  • GPA should not be less than 1.67
  • The candidate student must be registered at least (12) credit hours in Fall semester 2019/2020.
  • The student should not have a university scholarship or a grant or financial assistance that exceeds the criteria of loans and need.