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Announcement on Regulation of Marks Appeal and Incomplete Grade

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Regulation of Marks Appeal and Incomplete Grade

For easier registration process and avoid many issues that delays withdrawals and additions, Academic Affairs announces that the Summer Semester results will be announced to students successively within 3-5 days after having the exam. Appeal and incomplete marks applications will be submitted as follows:

Marks Appeal

  1. Student can submit a mark appeal immediately after announcing the results until the end of Sunday, 10/9/2017 and will not accept any appeals after this date
  2. Faculties deans respond to the first appeal within 24 hours (Work day) except for the weekend
  3. Student can submit a second appeal immediately after receiving the result of the first appeal until the end of Saturday, 16/9/2017
  4. Faculty responds to the second appeal by Wednesday 20/9/2017 so the student can modify his/her program during withdrawal and addition period

Incomplete Grades

  1. Academic Affairs confirms the necessity of providing final exam absence excuse within one week of the excuse’s end, and won’t accept any excuse that exceeds it
  2. Faculties will hold make-up exams from 10 - 20/9/2017. The examinations results announced before the end of Saturday, 23/9/2017