Announcement: The Spring Semester 2020/2021 Final Exams for BA Students in Jenin Campus

Friday, June 4, 2021

Dear Students,,

The final exams of the Spring semester 2020/2021 will be as the following:

  1. The General Culture courses exams will be e-exams (online) via Moodle (from 24 June 2021 – 2 July 2021).
  2. The practical laboratory courses exams will be in the last week of classes (from 26 June 2021 – 30 June 2021) inside the university’s laboratories.
  3. For the face-to-face courses that were taught inside the campus during the semester, their exams will be paper exams inside the campus (from 3 July 2021 – 18 July 2021).
  4. For the online courses that were taught online during the semester, their exams will be online from inside the campus (in the computer labs in the university) and will be (from 3 July 2021 – 18 July 2021).
  5. The date and location for each course will be announced later during this week.

Wish you the best of luck.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs Office