The Announcement of Starting the Application Grants for Dr. Hani Shawa Institution for Community Development for the Academic Year 2018/2019

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Arab American University announces the beginning of the application grant of Dr. Hani Shawa institution for Community Development for the second semester (first year) of academic year 2018/2019 and submitted for the enrolled students.

Located at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University in its various programs.

Requirements for accepting application grants:

  1. A regular student at the university and had completed high school successfully, and a student enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering.
  2. The cumulative average of the student in the university should not be less than 75% and 85% in the secondary school.
  3. The student should be financially indigent and submit proof documents.
  4. The student should not be enrolled in the parallel education system.
  5. The student should not be benefiting from another grant.

Required Documents from the student:

  1. Copy of Students ID.
  2. Copy of the students’ parent ID and his salary slip if he is an employee.
  3. Copy of social affairs card or other aid cards if any.
  4. Proof Document for students’ brothers in other universities
  5. Death certificate of one of the parents for fatherless students.
  6. Proof documents and reports in cases of illness or disability for the student or family members.


Submission of applications:

To apply, please visit the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University.

Please note that the deadline for submitting applications meeting all requirements is 20/12/2018

For more information or inquiry, please visit the Institutions website Click Here