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Announcement: Training Course in “Auditing, Controlling and Risk Management”

Monday, May 27, 2019

Continuing Education Center at AAUP announces a training course in “Auditing, Controlling & Risk Management”

Program Goals:

  • Understand the general concept of internal auditor and its features and outputs.
  • Clarify the issues that can be connected to controlling and its importance.
  • Developing the skills and concepts of the internal auditor and his relationship with the external auditor.
  • Open wide and unique horizons in business according to the nature of the specialization
  • Identify the role of internal audit in governance companies
  • Understand audit in a technical and professional perspective



Course Fees: (100) JD


Program Duration: 20 Hours


International Exam and Accreditation:

The participants in this program will present a graduate research related to their professional field and it will be accredited by Continuing Education Center at An-Najah National University.


Course Output: two certificates

  1. Certified professional research certificate from the accredited trainer.
  2. Certificate from the Continuing Education Unit accredited by the Palestinian Higher Education
  3. The possibility to obtain an international certificate, with the coordination of the trainer.
  4. The possibility of obtain a certificate from the Encyclopedia of Economic Integration of the League of Arab States, with the coordination of the trainer.
  5. This course opens the doors to enroll in more specialized courses


Trainer & Supervisor:

The Advisor,  Eng. Mohamed Zahran Hassouna

For further inquiries and registration at The Continuing Education Center at AAUP, Faculty of Law Building Fl.3 Tel. 042418888, internal 1365, 1367, 1499