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Announcement: Training Course in Sustainability and Green Building

Monday, May 27, 2019

Continuing Education Center at AAUP announces a training course in Sustainability and Green Building


 Training Program:

First Training Session – Includes:

  1. The concept of Global sustainability and its relation with green buildings.
  2. Features of green buildings and its differences from traditional buildings.
  3. The required Pillars to be relied on during the design and construction process in accordance with the global requirements approved by the World Green Building Council.
  4. Phases of establishing Green Building evaluation system LEED and the responsible parties for preparing it.
  5. Phases of green building designing and the difference between it and the process of designing traditional buildings.
  6. Learning the method of proposing Green Building projects to obtain accreditation from the American Green Building Council.
  7. The categories of green buildings and the difference of the certificates granted to those buildings.


Second and Third training session - Explaining the adopted categories in the classification of green buildings and its following criteria:

  1. Site and Transportation
  2. Sustainability of the site
  3. Efficiency of water consumption
  4. Energy and the surrounded environment
  5. Materials and natural resources
  6. Quality of internal environment
  7. Innovation in designing
  8. Full Design Process


Fourth training session - includes:

  1. How to apply for LEED Green Associate Exam
  2. Examples of global and local green buildings.


The Fifth Training Session

A Specialized Professional Research and a Discussion in the presence of specialists, then distribution of certificates and honoring the attendance and guests.


Course fees: 100 JD


Program Goals:

  1. Understand the concept of sustainability according to the global adopted definition
  2. Identify the advantages of green buildings and their benefits towards individual, society, government institutions and public services.
  3. Understand the process of proposing green building projects for adoption according to the most known systems in the world LEED.
  4. Identify the required materials to study for the LEED GA exam.

Open a wide horizons for students to work in companies specialized in sustainability and green buildings.

Presenters and supervisors of the training program:

Eng. Ahmed Ashtayyih

The Advisor,  Eng. Mohamed Zahran Hassouna

For further inquiries and registration at The Continuing Education Center at AAUP, Faculty of Law Building Fl.3 Tel. 042418888, internal 1365, 1367, 1499