Announcing the Activation of the Electronic Acquittance System

Saturday, June 30, 2018

An illustration of the electronic system

Dear students

The Arab American University is pleased to announce that the acquittance application has become electronic service, available through the link

This service will be activated from Saturday 30/06/2018, and the acquittance paper form will be discontinued as of that date.


Students may apply for the following, depending on their academic situation:

  1. Graduate Acquittance: For regular students, graduates and those who completed their graduation requirements
  2. Acquittance for completing graduation requirements: Students who are expected to graduate and want to have a proof of completing the graduation requirements
  3. Acquittance for withdrawal from the university: For students wishing to withdraw from the university

This service allows students to apply directly if they do not have any fines or borrowed items. Then the request is completed in the financial department automatically.

In case the student still have something borrowed, then the application could not be submitted until the student returns the registered borrowed item.


Note: Enrolled students at the Ramallah campus must fill the Bank information form through the acquittance system before applying for an acquittance.


Wish you all the best