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Declaration on the University Decision after Ending the Strike, Student Council Announced Last Week

Thursday, October 12, 2017

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Since its establishment, Arab American University worked intensively to enhance participation spirit and supporting union work for both employees and students. So after students suspended the first week of the current semester and after intervention of those who care for the country’s interest, the university have:

  1. Opened registration for students who have financial problems, as long they’re committed to pay the required amount and the rest installment payments
  2. Open registration for students who have had problems with courses, this is done manually or electronically by contacting the related deans
  3. Cancelling the special recommendation for students' to pay the English language and computer course fees, to retain the previous situation
  4. Work on preparing a study to air-conditioning the rest of the faculties of science and law halls, present it to the Board of Directors and if adopted, implementation period will be a full year
  5. Opening the (Phantom Head) laboratory after official working hours to enable students to use it under specialist supervision weekly for (8) hours
  6. Working on transferring clearance certificate electronically by the end of 2017/2018
  7. Students may have the student proof certification from Financial Department without being bound with the student financial condition. The remaining certificates related to graduation or transcripts are still attached to the student financial situation and cannot be obtained without obtaining clearance certificate
  8. Disburses excellence grant as applied a year ago and not to link grants to certain amount, but to outstanding students numbers
  9. Cancelling urgent documents and their fees, and receiving documents within 24 hours
  10. Treating (biology - dentistry) students as dental students
  11. Students who haven’t complete their papers as appropriate will have a semester without the need to bring them from school, after that the portal closes and students cannot register without completing their supporting papers by the end of 2017/2018 first semester
  12. English language lab hour fees drops from (30 JD) to (25 JD) starting this year 2017/2018
  13. Approve disbursement of siblings grant whether all the siblings are registered or not. Student loses the grant in case of withdrawing from university or dismissal from it
  14. Form a committee to study the financial demands that require the concerned parties approvals and make recommendations accordingly
  15. As for some students' observations regarding some academic regulations and instructions, the university always strives to adhere to international standards first regarding academic level for the student interest, secondly university reputation and certificates. So academic matters are subject to studies and comparison with local, Arab and international universities before they are approved.

Dear Brothers: University's response to some of the above demands was only to protect its interest, academic reputation, and in recognition of the distinguished brothers who intervened to solve the problem. We mention of them, Jenin’s Governor Ibrahim Ramadan, Noor Abu-Alrob, Dr. Ahmad Al-Tibi and Osama Al-Saadi, member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council Dr. Jamal Houil, and Shabiba Officer in Jenin Region Iman Nazzal. The university notes that its response to these demands resulted from the strike and the students’ commitment to not suddenly strike. The university respects its students' demands, appreciates them and works hard to fulfill the reasonable ones. On one issue or another, dialogue remains open between the administration and student council. The students have the right to express their will in usual ways and means, not just by strikes. The strike doesn’t serve the students, the university our homeland.