Instructions for Classes in AAUP Main Campus - Jenin for Spring Semester 2020/2021

Monday, April 5, 2021

Dear Students,

Kindly read the following instructions and information about classes of the Spring Semester 2020/2021 in AAUP main campus- Jenin:

  1. For the freshmen students in the scientific faculties (Sciences, Engineering, Medical Schools and Sports), theoretical and practical courses will be face-to-face taking in consideration the health precautions. However, the laboratory courses that have more than 20 students, classes will be divided into two groups, each group will take their class face-to-face every other week (to prevent the grouping of many students), and this will be arranged between the Heads of the Departments and the professors.
  2. All other elective and mandatory courses will be online, including the public culture courses, the language center courses and the computer skills course (for all students except for the medicine students).
  3. The practical courses such as (Dental Clinic courses and the laboratory courses) will be face-to-face taking in consideration the safety precautions.
  4. For all students of the different levels of the following faculties (Faculty of Art, Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences and Faculty of Law), courses will be online, and students will be informed if any changes occurred.
  5. The Medical School Faculties will commit to classes as previously been arranged and announced at the beginning of the semester.
  6. All midterm and final exams for practical and theoretical courses will be inside the campus, either (face-to-face or online).
  7. The Graduate Studies courses that are taught in Jenin Campus will be face-to-face inside the campus.
  8. Those instructions will be applied starting Tuesday morning, April 6th, 2021.