Instructions for Students Regarding Final Exams for Fall Semester 2017/2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

University students must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. The student is allowed to inquire about the exam questions during the exam’s first 15 minutes from the course teacher not the observer
  2. Students aren’t allowed to leave the exam room before 30 minutes passes
  3. Students are not allowed to use cell phones. They’re encouraged to place their closed phones with the exam hall observer. Having a cell phone with the student is considered a mean of cheating
  4. Students are not allowed to use external papers for side solutions under any circumstances
  5. Students must present their university ID to prove their personality to the observer

Regarding the absence of final exam and the procedure of incomplete exam (Incomplete), please follow the instructions:

  • The student should go to the course’s faculty and apply for transferring the course into an incomplete, accompanied by a medical or non-medical excuse, within one week after the excuse end
  • The Faculty Dean sends the form to the university clinic to check the provided excuses if it’s medical or to the students' affairs if it’s not medical. The student should be checked by the medical clinic in case of medical excuse and hand over the original report and the pharmacy medicine receipt
  • The medical committee or students' affairs recommendation is sent to the course’s Dean of the Faculty on the same form
  • Dean of the course’s faculty will transfer the completed application to the Admissions and Registration Deanship in order to turn the course into incomplete
  • Student should take the incomplete exam during the specified period according to the approved academic calendar, no later than 18/2/2018
  • If the student does not comply with the above time limit to complete the incomplete exam, an (FA) will be placed instead of incomplete (I)


The two types of acceptable excuse:

First: compulsive excuse resulting from reasons beyond the student's control:

  1. Death of a student relative, the kinship is to include (mother, father, brothers and sisters, husband or wife, grandfather or grandmother or children) and provide a confirmation of it
  2. The student cannot reach the university because of the arrest, with proof of the arrest provided by the Student Affairs Deanship
  3. Visa Expiry for students residing abroad and the need to travel to renew it

Second: Illness excuse: An excuse supported with medical report from the university clinic confirming the student's being hospitalized and unable to attend the exam.

Wish you all luck and success

Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs