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Launching Arab American University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Arab American University pleased to announce launching its annual Award:

 “Arab American University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research”

For researchers at Palestinian universities

Starting from 1/1/2017

Arab American University seeks to improve scientific researches quality for faculty members and researchers from Palestinian universities, support genuine scientific researches and honoring researchers’ for their scientific and searching efforts that is published or approved to be in prestigious scientific journals with outstanding reputation.

AAUP Award for excellence in Scientific Research encourages the university’s pioneer role of supporting scientific research in Palestine


Application mechanism:

Researcher have to fill the award’s form on Arab American University website and attach:

  • Research
  • Summary of the research in Arabic and English
  • Applicant CV
  • Nomination recommendation from the institution where the applicant works in
  • Obligation to state that all submitted data and information are true


All needed papers should be sent to email: aoeataaup.edu the Deadline is on Wednesday 15/03/2017.


Award categories:

The award will be given to winner researches in one of these fields:

  • Natural, Engineering and Technological Sciences
  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • Social and Humanitarian Sciences

Arab American University encourages researchers to apply for the award. For more information, researchers may visit the Awards official page on the university’s website: www.aaup.edu/aau-award