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Maher Irsheed Scholarship for Community Service

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Arab American University is glad to announce that a number of scholarships from “Maher Irshied Scholarship for Community Service”. The scholarship enthusiasm// designed to encourage students to start and launch youth initiatives for Community Service.

Scholarship requirements:

1. Apply for the scholarship with the following:

  • Pilot study for initiative
  •  Number of students participating in the initiative (No more than 5)
  • Initiative’s target group
  • Starting date
  • Execution plan

For approved application, participating students in the idea tuition fees will be covered (for the semester following the one they got approval in)

2. Students who got the scholarship provide progress report on the idea implementation by end of semester. If it’s approved after comparing with submitted executive plan fees for next semester will be covered.

In case the report didn’t fit the executive plan or failed to achieve interim goals the grant freezes for the next semester

3. Frozen grant can be restored by implementing the project according to the operational plan or by completing the grant committee amendments

4. If the initiative registered as a non-profit organization by applicable law, the grant will cover first year’s administrative expenses or part of it

5. If a founder student for the initiative graduated, the rest can choose an alternative student if they wanted

6. The idea should be original, sustainable and haven’t been implemented in Palestine

7. Deadline for this semester applications 30/12/2016

Interested students in the scholarship can ask Students Affairs Deanship to get applications