Places for Paying the Tuition Fees during COVID-19 Lockdown

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Dear Students,

During this period of registration for the Spring Semester of the academic year 2020/2021, and especially under the repeated closing for the governorates and cities due to the pandemic situation, kindly be informed that you can pay the tuition fees for you second semester through PALPAY that are spread all over the West Bank or at any of the Accredited Banks.

For students from inside the green line area, you can pay your fees in one of the following AAUP offices:

  • AAUP Haifa Office. Phone#: 049994888
  • AAUP Rahat Office. Phone#: 086679000
  • AAUP Majdal Shams Office. Phone#: 0502271777

Note: There are no other offices or specific authorized people from AAUP other than the information listed in this announcement.

Wishing you all to stay safe and healthy