Start of Receiving Applications for Admission for Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) Program for Summer 2018/2019

Monday, November 12, 2018

Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University announces the start of receiving applications for admission for " Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) " for Summer 2018/2019 from Saturday, 10/11/2018 until Thursday, 31/01/2019:


Admission Requirements:

  1. Applicants should have a bachelor degree in any Administrative and Financial Sciences discipline from a recognized university or academic institution of the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, with a minimum 2.4 GPA (or equivalent) if they graduated since (5) years or more, and 2.6 GPA or (equivalent) if they graduated less than (5) years ago.
  2. And have a practical experience at least (4) years.
  3. And pass the English language test.


Admission Application Instructions:

  1. Submission of admission applications will begin on Saturday, 10 November 2018.
  2. The Admission Card can be obtained for a master's degree through:
    • Financial Department at the main campus of the University in Jenin.
    • Ramallah Campus – AL-Rehan.
    • University Office in Nazareth.
    • Admission application fees is $100 USD non-refundable.
  3. Fill out the online application form available at ( And enter all required fields.
  4. After the applicant makes sure that the application has been submitted electronically successfully he should go then to the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at the university main campus in Jenin or Ramallah for submitting the original required documents.
  5. Each application is studied by a specialized committee. This process takes time to study each application individually.
  6. If the student get accepted when the application is complete, and all requirements have been achieved the student will receive the final acceptance letter from the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  7. The student who receive the final acceptance letter should pay the seat reservation fee mentioned in the final acceptance latter at any of our certified banks then get the seat reservation letter by Email or from the Deanship of Admission and Registration. Which contains the login information required for the edugate portal and additional information.
  8. Head to the university student card issuing office in the Deanship of Student Affairs in Jenin Campus or the registration office in Ramallah Campus to issue your own university card. You need to show the seat reservation letter.
  9. For further information, Contact the the faculty of graduate studies at 04-2418888 ext. (1471 or 1472) or at 02-2941999 ext. (5) or by e-mail at ( or to contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration by telephone 04-2418888 ext. (3) or Fax 04-2510814 or by e-mail (


Required Documents: (Original and legalized copies of the documents below must be submitted in order to secure full admission)

  1. Fill out AAUP online Application 
  2. Transcript of high school diploma certified / or its equivalent by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  3. National Identity Card (local applicants) or passport (international applicants)
  4. Original birth certificate or a copy duly certified. (local applicants)
  5. Personal photo. ( count 2 )
  6. Original or Legalized copies of Bachelor Certificate and Transcript. ( certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education)
  7. Two letters of recommendation either academic or professional. 
  8. A Goal statement presented by the candidate. ( one to three pages )
  9. Curriculum Vitae.
  10. Experience Certificate.
  11. A sealed transcript from the undergraduate university (Transcripts from foreign universities must be legalized and accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education)



  1. The deadline to apply for admission to the program if seats are still available, on Thursday 31/01/2019.
  2. Submitting the application form does not -necessarily- guarantee admission.
  3. Please keep Admission Card until you get the final status of the application.
  4. Class begin on Monday 01/04/2019.
  5. Applicants for the program may be subject to a written or an oral interview.
  6. The location of teaching shall be at the university campus in Ramallah.
  7. Admission decisions are based on the academic record of the applicant, prior work experience, strength of recommendation letters, and clarity of the goal statement.