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Statement to the Public Opinion

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Statement to the Public Opinion

Issued by the Arab American University Administration

Statement to clarify the truth for our students and their families on the delay of the university by students’ council in 1/10/2017.

Over the past period, the University administration made their best effort to solve every single problem facing students. The University also created a well-thought-out mechanism for students to pay their fees in coordination with all parties, including the student council. Yet, the student council suspended the semester without warning. The following is an explanation of the matter:

  1. We emphasizing on the holiness of academic side on which the University's reputation has been built locally and internationally, its graduates performance in job market and related examinations, and postgraduate studies, which we don’t allow to prejudice
  2. Registration opened for old students on Saturday 9/9/2017 until Friday 22/9/2017
  3. Add and Drop process opened on Saturday 23/9/2017 and continued until Sunday 1/10/2017
  4. During these times, University administration made its best to complete registration with professionalism. There were several daily sessions among university administration represented by its president, VP for academic affairs, Student Affairs Dean, Admissions and Registration Dean, and Student Council to follow up the issues that appear during drop and addition. All were solved. To be surprised with work suspension by end Sunday 1/10/2017, with large number of demands
  5. University Administration followed all the registration related issues and worked to solve them immediately. Enrolled students rate for 2017/2018 Fall Semester (old and freshmen) 94.8% from the students total number
  6. All services are offered to all students who come to the university to modify their schedules despite the announced strike
  7. Nevertheless, the university administration has been and still with the dialogue to achieve the students fair demands, which don’t affect the university academic instructions, and that the strike isn’t the right and quick way to achieve demands it will harm large group of students

University Administration