The Virtual Sports Marathon Competition "Step and Information"

Friday, November 20, 2020

As part of the celebration of Arab American University in its 20th anniversary, and under collaboration and partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, a virtual sports marathon will be organized as the first of its kind in Palestine entitled “Step and Information”. This marathon will be for school students (males and females) for the high school grades (10th, 11th, 12th) and the middle school grades (7th, 8th, 9th).


The Competition Idea:

To participate in as much steps plus kilometers as the participants can do in the specified time for each category as the following:

The first category – the high school: the race period will be 20 minutes.

The second category – the middle school: the race period will be 15 minutes.

The thirds category – people with special needs: the race period will be 10 minutes (the kind of disability should be listed in the registration form).


Competition Stages:

First - the Registration Stage

Registration will be available from Nov. 28th, 2020 – Dec. 10th,2020 as participants need to fill the required information and make sure that the information they enter are correct especially the phone number that will be used to contact participants on, to find the form please click here .


Second – Sending the Registration Code and Announcing the Beginning of the Competition

After registration, Arab American University will contact the participants and will send a registration code for each participant through (SMS) to the phone number that participants entered in the registration form. The code should be used in the actual participation and for sending data. Also participants will be provided with a data submission link to fill it and send their data on it.


Third – the Actual Participation and Data Submission

The participation in the marathon and submitting the photos that contain the required data will be from Dec. 6th, 2020 – Dec. 15th, 2020. Each participant will start in the category they belong to and will be using the “Health” application on any smart phone they have. This application counts the number of steps plus kilometers, and participants should:


  1. Take a screenshot for the application at Zero stage (Zero Steps \ Kilometers).
  2. Take a screenshot for the application at the end of the race (with the steps count \ Kilometers).
  3. A personal photo (Selfie) for the participant from the competition place.

Note: photos must be from the same device and at the same time that is specified for each category.

 Photos and data submission will be through the following link, click here.




  • The first place winners of each category: a laptop for the student, and a package of sports, scientific or artistic equipment for the winner student's school.
  • The second place winners of each category: a laptop for the student.
  • The third place to the 7th place winners of each category: a tablet for each student.
  • For winners of the first category – the high school students of grades (10th, 11th, 12th), Arab American University will provide them a 50% scholarship for the whole study period, according to the regulations and instructions of the scholarships in AAUP.



A celebration will be organized in Arab American University campus to hand the winners their prizes.


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