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Social and Psychological Counseling Office

This office aims to provide counseling help to the university students to help them solve their social and psychological problems in their daily university life. Guidance and consulting are provided by specialists according to psychological principles and after studying the human behavior.


This office also focuses on providing students with new skills that help them in achieving the needed improvement and the ability to make decisions which corresponds to the mission and vision of the university.


Counseling services can be provided to all individuals at any age in order to help them solve their educational, university life or personal life problems.


AAUP Psychological Counseling aims mainly to help students through the following basic methods:


Developmental Method: It includes providing integrated development elements for all personality aspects.


Preventive Method: Prevention is the step before treatment. Prevention helps in reducing the need for treatment and helps in reducing the causes of problems. This can be done by early detection of affective disorder in its early stages.


Treatment Method: It helps to solve the problems that students face in order to achieve a balance between all developmental aspects and reach a stable social and psychological health.