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AAU and German Institution for Academic Exchange Seeks Cooperation and Organize a Lecture on Academic Scholarships

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Arab American University President Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri welcomed the German Academic Exchange Service organization “DAAD” Jerusalem Office Manager Christina Stahlbock who visited the university to enhance academic and scientific research cooperation between the two parties and introducing the scholarships requirements at German and Jordanian universities offered by the organization.

DAAD organization Manager reception

The university President met the organization manager in the presence of Vice President for Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab. Dr. Abu Zuhri presented detailed explanation for the manager of the DAAD’s Jerusalem office on AAU, its faculties and academic programs, discussing ways to enhance cooperation, academic and student exchanges, scientific research projects between the university and the organization and mechanism for developing and increase the awarded scholarships size.

Later, a lecture was held for group of AAUP students, staff and professors, starting with speech for Dr. Diab in which he confirmed the positive relationship between AAUP and DAAD organization in graduate scholarships field offered to AAUP students, faculty and administrative members to complete their graduate studies in German universities, noting that AAUP and both its staff and students benefit annually from these scholarships in many distinctive specializations with strategic dimension in addition to research visits.

During lecture, Christina presented the mechanism of providing scholarships for outstanding students, expected to graduate to get a master degree from Jordanian and German universities, as well as mechanism of providing scholarships for faculty members to get doctorate degree from a German university.

Sha also talked about available academic programs to pursue their graduate studies at participant universities, apply requirements, the applying mechanism and gave a number of advises to make it easier to get acceptance from German universities.