AAU Congrats Dr. Abu Alrub his New Position Fateh in Jenin’s Sector

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Arab American University congrats Dr. Nour Aldeen Abu Alrub, AAUP Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences lecturer,

Honoring Dr. Nour Aldeen Abu Alrub

University President Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri congratulated Dr. Abu Alrub on his new position in Directors Board, presented him the university armor for his efforts in AAU, national and patriotic role. In presence of University Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Alaa Hamarsheh, University Vice President for Planning and Developing Affairs Dr. Osama Salameh, University President Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra, University President Assistant for IT Affairs Mr. Bahgat Ayasi, Administration and Acceptance Dean Dr. Hazim Khanfar and PR Manager Mr. Fathi Amour.

Dr. Abu Zuhri congratulated Dr. Abu Alrub on his new position as Fateh Secretay in Jenin “Dr. Abu Alrub have always been the right man in every position he held previously. Everyone knows him confirms his efficiency, experience, scarifies and giving. He is a generations mentor, patriot and nationally respected”, he said.

“Dr. Abu Alrub is the Arab American University, his way and accomplishments in the university had a significant role in its success. We wish him success in his new position”, he added.

Dr. Abu Alrub thanked the University President and fellow staff for all of this. Expressing his gratitude of AAUP “I belong to this great academic edifice and a witness to its evolve” he said. Adding “Fateh party is the Palestinian publics’ party, it will always holds the motto education, work and build towards liberation”.