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AAUP and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Sign a Memorandum of Understanding and Organize a Scientific Symposium

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Prof. Ali Zeidan AbuZuhri- the University President and Dr. Ishaq Seder- the Minister of Communication and Information Technology signed a MoU to collaborate in the joint fields and enhance the strategic relations between both parties for future projects.

Signing the MoU between AAUP and the Ministry of Communication

The agreement contained the exchange of experts between the parties in the fields of Computer Engineering, Networks, Information Technology and Electronic Applications and Services. Also both parties will work on joint scientific studies and research projects, in addition to organizing conferences, activities and initiatives to achieve their goals.

Mr. Kamal Abu AlRub- Deputy Governor for Jenin, Dr. Nizam Diab- VP for Training Affairs, Dr. Hasan Yaseen- the VP for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Mo’ayad Abu Saa’- the VP for the Academic Affairs, Eng. Bara’ Asfour- Assistant to the President, Mujahid Olayyat – the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and other members of the faculty were in the reception of the minister during his visit to the university.

During the signing ceremony, Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri explained how the university highly values developing the academic programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. The university always seeks to update its scientific labs to qualify students especially in the practical courses, and provide everything possible for the benefit of the local community.

Dr. Seder – the Minister of Communication honored Dr. Ahmad Owais- Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and Eng. Ahmad Fo’ad- the Head of Hassib Al-Sabbagh Center for their active role in judging and evaluating in the contest project of the international summit for the information community. This contest was organized under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union WSIS2020, and was supervised by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology   

After the signing and honoring, the fifth scientific symposium in communication engineering was held entitled “Future Generations for Wireless Networks: Opportunities and Challenges”. The symposium was attended by a group of the faculty, staff, technicians and students from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

Prof. Abu Zuhri- the President welcomed the guests and said: “Since 2000, AAUP seeks to develop its programs to improve the output of the educational process, according to the local, regional and international quality and excellence standards.” He added that this scientific meeting comes as a result of the serious actions that AAUP takes to collaborate with the private and governmental sectors in the scientific research and economic development aspects, while in harmony with the rapid changes and developments in the communication and information technology sectors. 

Moreover, Prof AbuZuhri said that today’s symposium about “Future Generations for Wireless Networks: Opportunities and Challenges” is very important since this technical plays a great role in developing communities and facilitate providing everyone in the community with the modern wireless technique. Especially when taking in consideration the Palestinian people who are limited in the usage of the modern techniques because of the occupation.

The President, Prof. Abu Zeuhri finished his speech saying: “We in AAUP are looking forward to make such events and activities as the launch line for new approaches, which focus on developing the national communication sector. Communications and wireless networks are of high demand for institutions and Palestinians in general, and so we hope that the symposium will provide success chances and partnerships between the different institutions.

Dr. Seder- the Minister said in his speech: “this symposium that is organized and hosted by AAUP is an additional achievement to the university that we all are proud of as a great educational edifice. This university seeks to reach highest levels in the qualitative education aspects, and aims to build a community full of required knowledge to develop the national economics.”

He added that the ministry always seeks to keep and enhance its partnership with all the governmental, industrial and academic sectors to support and prepare researches, and spread knowledge and awareness.

Furthermore, Minister Seder explained that the vision of the ministry is to build an informatics community through using the tools and means of information and communication technology. The ministry believes in the importance of the scientific research, and so it cares to make the academic sector participate in the development role. 

Dr. Seder asserted that the communication and information technology sector in Palestine is facing some challenges from the Israeli occupation, such challenges like forbidding them from providing the 4G or 5G and forbidding the modern technical devices and machines. He also indicated that frequencies restrictions was a huge problem for the Palestinian companies through the years, just like what happened when the occupation prevented the using of 3G in the Palestinian networks for over 11 years.

Dr. Jalal Al Dbaik - the Head of Engineers Union talked about how the board of the union started in investing in many projects in the information technology and communication sectors. Some of those important projects are the electronic services portal, the electronic editing project for the engineering plans, electronic payment project that will start soon, in addition to other programs. Dr. Jalal added that the board has organized an information technology and communication committee that contains specialist in this field, and the union is planning to get the super computer too.

Dr. Sameer Abu Aisheh – the Head of the scientific committee explained that countries seek to develop the wire and wireless telecommunication sector aiming to develop their economic, and so it is our right in Palestine to develop this sector despite all obstacles. Some of those obstacles are caused by local causes, but the occupation is considered to be the main cause for not being able in Palestine to use spectrum frequencies that are special for the wireless communication, and for this we cannot bring-in the modern technology to Palestine.

Mr. Kamal Abu AlRub in his speech transferred the greetings of Mr. Akram Rjoub- jenin Governor, and explained that the Israeli occupation always seeks to destroy the Palestinian exist, and one way to do so is by trying to destroy the technology and communication sector. The occupation is trying to make the Palestinian people distanced from the world, and trying to make the world forget about the Palestinian cause. By doing this, the occupation thinks that they can deepen their land occupation without any international or moral accountability from the world or the international bodies.

Mr. Abu AlRub also explained how Communication and Information Technology is one of the Palestinian struggle weapons against occupation, as it is a symbol for sovereignty of people. This is why we need to improve our experiences, competences and our readiness in this sector.

Dr. Issam Alawneh- the Head of the Communication Engineering Department and the Head of the Symposium Preparatory Committee asserted that establishing the communication engineering department in AAUP was upon the urgent needs to have it after establishing many Palestinian institutions in this sector. And so, this department is important for experts exchange and for providing the market with qualified graduates. 

Dr. Alawneh added that this symposium is very important as communication and data systems currently play a huge role in life, in addition to the need to develop communication security systems, energy systems and telecommunication systems.

Meeting between the university President and the Minister of Communication
Meeting between the university President and the Minister of Communication
Signing the MoU between AAUP and the Ministry of Communication
Signing the MoU between AAUP and the Ministry of Communication
Honoring Eng. Ahmad Fo’ad
Honoring Dr. Ahmad Owais
Scientific Symposium
The University President during his speech
The University President during his speech
The Minister of Communication during his speech
The Minister of Communication during his speech
Head of Engineers Union during his speech
The Head of the Scientific Committee in the Engineering Union
Deputy Governor of Jenin
The Head of the preparatory committee and the Head of the Communication Engineering