AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Under the auspices of the President of the State of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", Arab American University celebrated the graduation ceremony of the 17th and the 18th cohorts, and the third day was a great celebration for the students of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Nursing.

The celebration was under the auspices of the President of the State of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", and attended by Dr. Moayad Abu Saa- the VP for Academic Affairs representing Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for the Medical Schools Affairs, Mt. Ayman Odeh- the Head of the joint list, Members of the Deans Council, representatives and leaders from the security services of Jenin, members of the Academic and Administrative staff, representatives of official and private organizations and a great number of parents and family of graduates.

Under the great happiness of parents and graduates, the ceremony started with the entrance of graduates, the faculty members and the university president, then the Palestinian anthem was played and Al Fatiha was read on the souls of our martyrs.


The Speech of the University President

Dr. Moayad Abbu Saa- the VP for Academic Affairs started his speech on behalf of the University President “Ali eidan AbuZuhri” by transferring the greetings of Arab American University to the President of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen" and said: “We are happy to see you today after the unexpected events that prevented such celebration in the previous year, to celebrate together the graduates from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the firsts on each department, and to announce the beginning of the graduation ceremony activities that will be starting today and for the coming three days. We will be celebrating the 17th cohort that COVID-19 spread last year could not let us celebrate and the 18th cohort who finished their graduation requirements. Dr. Abu Saa added: “Arab American University in its both campuses in Jenin and Ramallah became one of them most important education provider in Palestine and the region and its staff, graduates and projects have the main role in building the country. We praise and thank His Excellency Mr. Mahmoud Abbas for his support and we appreciate his role in saving our national constants, and his scientific role in his permanent support for the educational process”.

Dr. Abu Saa also said that Arab American University seeks to follow all the new topics academically and to develop its infrastructure and scientific capabilities to provide the best to the Palestinian community through graduating professional students from modern faculties and programs that fulfill the needs of the local, regional and global labor market. He also indicated that during the past two years, AAUP managed to open new faculties and new academic programs according to accurate studies of the current and future needs of the market, including the Faculty of Medicine and some other creative bachelor and masters’ programs, and in this year alone the university provided 11 new PhD programs.

And added: “In addition, AAUP always opens its doors for continuous and new communication relations with centers and international organizations to get the international accreditations, with the best quality standards in its academic programs. The last accreditation was the ADEE LEADER and the Medicine, the Nursing, and the prosthetics. AAUP encourages the openness relations with other international universities and encourages the academic and scientific joint partnerships”.

Dr. Abu Saa also talked about the centers provided by AAUP to serve the local community and develop the community, such centers as the climate change center that has a weather station that covers the northern part of Palestine, also the smart green house for agriculture, the policy and conflict resolution studies center, the cancer cases registration center, the heart center and other centers such as the treatment centers for the community as the physical and occupational therapy centers, the dental center and the children rehabilitation center. Moreover, the laboratories in AAUP had a distinguish work under collaboration with the Ministry of Health during the COVID-19 crisis in their advanced laboratories.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs also announced about the new centers that will open soon and new high level projects as he said: “we now announce that we are planning to soon open three high level services centers which are: the Physical and Occupational Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center, the Hearing, Speech and Language Diagnostic and Treatment Center, and the Prosthetic Limb Factory Center which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, additionally, AAUP will start working on rehabilitation process to people with special needs to enable them to get a driving license under collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation. Furthermore, we announce the opening of the first center to the 4th education in technology the AR.VR as this center will provide modern training services for students and professors and will add a contemporary education in the medical and biological sciences under the best international standards to serve the local community that we are part of it”.

Dr. Abu Saa added that the achievements of AAUP serve the students, the local community and the country and said: “Thanks to God, and the efforts of the staff of AAUP, we are providing many services to the students, to our people, to our community, and our country. For instance, AAUP has opened its half-Olympic swimming pool to its students and to the local community, the squash fields host official games for squash, and the sports hall hosted international games in the basketball field especially after considering its field as the home field for the Palestine national basketball team”. He added, “Allow me on behalf of the academic and staff of AAUP and on behalf of the local community to thank everyone who was part of doing this and reaching AAUP to this stage, especially Dr. Yousef Asfour- the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the members of the Board for their continuous care and support to provide all the academic and administrative needs, all thanks and appreciations to them”.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Abu Saa concluded by directing his speech to the graduates and said: “I congratulate you on your graduation from you second home, and wish you all the best of luck. You are now the ambassadors to our university and to the country, and you are about to start a new chapter of your life, be ready and set your goals to walk the best bath for your goals and do not walk aimlessly even this was easier for you to do. I would also like to congratulate your parents who waited for this moment. Thank you all for your efforts, wish you the best of luck for your life and for Palestine”.


Graduates Speech

In the graduates’ speech by student Rozeen Msallam- from the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, she said: “I am happy to be standing here on behalf of the graduates to express what we feel in this happy day. It was a dream to stand before my professors whom I learned from them every valuable thing”.

She added: “We remember the first day of university, and the excitement that we lived in, all the interesting things we lived during our first year. The registration, the schedules, the exams, the researches and the grades all now like a dream. Then the second year followed by the third year where we became experts and used to the university style. Then comes the fourth year where you find yourself the oldest and the most experienced as you were never a stranger in this place”.

Msallam said: “four years ago, I started my major in Laboratory Medical Sciences in this great edifice just like my colleagues who are graduating today, and today I am an employee in my field at my beloved university which trusts the skills of its graduates and give opportunities to its students to always develop themselves.” Then she talked to the parents and said: “from our hearts we thank you, you were the best captain to our ship and you drove us to the safe place, thank you. And finally, I wish everyone’s dream will come true”.


The Guest of Honor Speech

Mr. Ayman Odeh- the Chairman of the Joint List in his speech congratulated the graduates and said: “it is a historical day, and after an hour from now you will be holding a degree and you will step forward in your lives”, he greeted the parents who were patient and waited for this moment to see their children graduating.

Mr. Odeh added: “the Israeli authorities forbidden us to have a university, a national office, a museum, or a hospital, and Arab American University came to solve this problem as it opened its doors for us, and welcomed students who a lot of them are graduates now. Arab American University gathered Palestinians with Palestinians, the closest since 1948, Arab American University gathered us”. He added: “despite the obstacles, AAUP easiest things for us”. Mr. Odeh said that the Palestinian people inside the green line were successful and the Arab students in the Israeli university reached 19%, and lots of the doctors and nurses working in the Israeli hospitals are the ones who graduated from Palestinian universities, especially from Arab American University. Many Palestinians inside are working in companies and organizations inside and the education rate is very high”.   

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Moayad Abu Saa- the VP for the Academic Affairs, Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for the Medical Schools Affairs, Mr. Ayman Odeh- the Chairman of the Joint List and members of the Deans Council honored the first of each faculty and then certificates were handed to the following graduates:

Faculty of Nursing

Abd Alraheem Ali Abd Alraheem Altobaji

Shamsah Abd Alnaser Aref Lahlooh

Aya Ahed Mohammed Faris

Dana Abed Allah Mahmoud Nasser

Ahmad Khalil Ahmad Bane Odeh

Mohamad Omar Mohamad Said Ahmad

Ashwaq Mather Ahmad Ajoly

Akaber Aysar Ahmad Abu Alhaijaa

Asma Sami Sodky Abu Baker

Mysam Basem Kasem Ghanayem

Samar Mohamed Ahmad Tarabieh

Sojood Naser Ahmad Ghnayem

Odai Khaled Mhomad Mosa

Rashed Hisham Anes Abu Husein

Madleen Iyad Fahem Kabha

Alaa Nadeem Othman Nassar

Muran Hasan Ahmad Tawafshi

Anas Hani Mahmoud Abu Arrah

Anas Mahmoud Ahmad Jawabreh


Saeed Mohamed Nage Awawdi

Maram Jadua Mohammad Abu Arar

Nardeen Aziz Yousef Odeh

Mahmoud Mamoun Mahmoud Atrash

Shimaa Belal Shhade Heidar

Ahlam Mustafa Mohammad Alatiq

Mohammad Allam Adnan Hosheya

Shorook Shhdh Mohammed Abu Arrar

Mohmad Amran Mostfa Zerene

Mansour Reyad Abed Alkader Abu Qandil

Khaled Jamal Ibrahem Yasen

Basel Mohammad Ali Nujedat

Yaseen Hakam Yaseen Daraghmeh

Thanaa Sobhi Afeef Atatri

Marah Melad Mohammad Ghanem

Deema Mahmoud Ahmad Kmail

Hiam Yehya Atwa Abu Arar

Wejdan Atia Mtawa Abu Arar

Ahmad Saleh Ali Abu Ras

Mohammad Khader Ahmad Usman

Boran Fathe Hassan Hamoud

Salih Yousef Ahmad Hayajna

Aws Mohmad Ali Watad

Mohammad Samer Ali Affan

Seraj Saeed Yousef Khatib

Ez Eldeen Mostafa Abdullah Mhameed

Ramez Mohamad Khaled Mhameed

Farag Mhmod Mosa Mahamid

Mosa Ashraf Gobran Mattar

Hala Hasan Abd Alrahman Zakarni

Yana Rayan Ahmad Zakarneh

Hadeel Ammar Husain Zyoud

Aseel Mahmoud Abd Allah Zakarni

Sewar Soleman Mohammad Baker

Eman Mahmoud Sadeq Kmail

Osama Nafee Zaid

Hadeel Fayez Awad Roshrosh

Reema Ahmad Saeed Kmail

Malak Ayed Farah Karawany

Aya Gwad Ameen Jabaren

Malak Mohammed Khaleel Alnaboot

Alaa Tharwat Farouq Zayed

Elias Adel Nefo Mozalbat

Reem Bashar Abd Aljabbar Alebaidi

Tasneem Lotfe Mahmuod Nofal

Braa Abed Almuneem Mohmad Agbaria

Abdallah Hatem Abdallah Fatum

Bayan Khalid Hasan Kadry

Basel Suleiman Mohammed Altori

Jamal Amin Amin Adnan Abo Dahesh

Siham Aiad Mahmoud Dirawi

Rinal Roshdi Said Ka'kush

Yasmeen Eid Qassem Zbidat

Aya Jamal Mrawih Masarwi

Kanar Ali Omar Bakrieh

Nissim Mohamed Mahmoud Hijaze

Eyad Anwar Mohamed Hijazi

Hala Talib Mujahed Abu-arra

Mlak Kamel Nayef Shaheen

Shraf Eldin Omar Ibrahim Saleh

Nadim Thabit Mahmoud Mahajni

Basel Nedal Subhi Malaysheh

Shadan Saed Mohamad Aburas

Basel Naser Mohammad Ghannam

Marah Basim Ahmed Khalayli

Heba Ayad Tawfeq Yassin

Alhan Shade Mazn Zoubi

Braa Naef Mohmd Abu Shehab

May Abd Alhadi Saeed Nasser

Rahma Wesam Twfek Ibraheem

Mohammad Sameer Fadel Elayan

Omar Gazal Mohmad Daas

Rana Kameel Josef Sheibar

Osaid Mahmoud Ahmad Jawabreh

Rina Jehad Wahib Hasan

Mahmoud Saleh Ahmad Asadi

Anaa Mohammad Hasan Kabha

Aya Mohammad Saleem Amash

Rozan Omar Nimer Hilf

Midhat Mohamad Nmr Hilf

Nariman Mostafa Salh El Hilf

Hiba Mahmoud Salim Amer

Rasmeie Mohammad Ali Darawshy

Noorallah Zead Mohamd Farj Mhameed

Shada Ayman Adnan Mahamid

Aibek Salah Aldin Omar Abed Elhadi

Sajeda Yousef Ahmad Fayyad

Ibrahim Nasr Mustafa Fayyad

Basma Noaf Amer Alsana

Saleh Khalil Yahya Zeid

Baraah Ali Mosa Sawaed

Reem Riad Shafeq Abu Shakara

Mohammad Hosam Najib Qabaha

Samah Mhmod Mostafa Awis

Sondos Hassan Saleh Bushnaq

Alaa Ramzi Mohammad Kamal Abu-Sneineh

Jeries Odeh Jad Estephan

Mariam Khaled Raheeb Abo Romi

Taimaa Wahed Khalil Siade

Ahmed As'ad Ahmed Al-Alawna

Mahmod Ismail Muhamad Haj Yahya

Marah Fawaz Ahmed Dawabsha

Jehan Khaled Khader Saayde

Sanad Ali Mohammad Abu Ermeleh

Jamal Motasem Jamal Alshalabi

Ahmed Murad Mustafa Aysa

Ali Hatem Ali Tarabieh

Samah Yosef Hsen Abd Alhade

Rami Jawad Yousef Shehadeh

Waleed Mohammad Waleed Mahamid

Dania Waleed Abdelqader "Haj Ali"

Zhoor Zaki Mahmoud Samoudi

Gharam Bassam Saed Abo Ali

Haneen Omar Ali Mahajne

Abd Al Kader Yassen Yousef Kabha

Rawan Jamal Mohammad Najar

Soonia Jamal Omar Abu Assaf

Afnan Raaed Ahmad Othman

Ahmad Mohammad Abd-Alraheem Omar

Samah Nabeel Mahmoud Akel

Manar Raed Jameel Yakob

Ali Mohammad Ali Aburas

Alameer Noman Nayef Jorban

Diala Adnan Ahmad Abu Remi

Rimah Zahir Mohammed Jamal

Rana Deeb Irsheed Agbaria

Khaled Ali Hasan Amadin

Baha' Abdelrahman Saleh Abu Arrah

Linda Nedal Fawzi Abu Daqa

Samer Gazi Taha Agbaria

Moaad Mostafa Yasen Nujeidat

Maher Fared Hasan Egbaria

Yara Nezar Naji Hawawra

Aseel Ameer Rashed Shihab

Sewar Ayman Asaad Abu Alhaijaa

Kawther Hoseen Mostafa Zoabi

Aya Issam Yousef Sbaih

Yasmin Ahmad Yousif Ayasa

Mohammad Ibrahim Ali Khamaysa

Hammam Hammad Yousef Hantoli

Mariam Fareed Awni Saleem

Suhaib Elayyan Soud Daraghmeh

Shatha Suliman Mohammad Abu Zeid

Shadia Shade Mohammad Suleiman

Lama Afif Kasem Suleiman

Mahmod Taki Ahmad Asali

Marah Sai'd Mohi Eldeen Sleiman

Hanen Abed Alrazeq Mahmod Zoabi

Rahaf Mofid Mahmoud Agbaria

Shaimaa Eyad Tawfeek Ighbaria

Rozan Yazed Khalil Abu Arkia

Awss Ibrahim Mohammad Beedas

Shadi Jamal Saleh Haiadri

Maisaa Yousif Hany Kabha

Barakat Mohammed Nemer Awad

Ebraheem Ahmad Saleem Suleman

Suhad Ali Tofeek Bakir

Elias Faraj Boulos Azzam

Abeer Ibrahim Abdallah Abu Alrob

Yazid Mohamad Lutfi Ghouli

Haneen Ali Fawzi Hresh

Momen Omar Mustafa Abdaldayem

Mufid Jamal Abd Alrazeq Hussein

Ali Hamad Salem Nasasrah

Shaden Ayyad Raja Naddaf

Aseel Azzam Sulaiman Omareya

Mohammad Kamal Fouad Zait

Waleed Abed Alhaleem Waleed Borqan

Abdallah Mahmod Sleman Jabarin

Mohammad Saleh Hussein Jabarin

Aya Emad Omar Sbaaneh

Ahmad Ali Mohamed taha

Dalia Mohammad Fayez Masri

Wafaa Ibrahim Khamees Zamer

Saleh Mahmod Saleh Mahajna

Mohammad Said Ahmad Jabarin

Mohammad Sameer Ahmad Saadi

Hani Ahmad Hani Suleiman

Abd Almjed Mohammad Abed Almjed Abu Elhija

Aseel Ameer Saied Samara

Dalia Ahmad Mahmoud Ghanim

Mays Ziad Abed Almohsen Saabneh

Asd Mdhhat Husen Darawsha

Ahmad Sabri Ali Shani

Malak Samer Fayez Torkman

Fauzia Husen Anwar Abu Shandi

Wasem Khaled Muhammed Kabha

Tarek Zeyad Gazi Suleman

Suhad Aiman Aref Abu Sibeh

Ali Abed Almnam Mohammed Abu Liel

Rawan Suleiman Omar Aburub

Rahaf Theeb Khaleel Hroub

Hamza Ismail Inab Shreem

Roa Jehad Mousa Abu Alrob

Balsam Waleed Qassem Yousef

Ali Mohammad Ali Ibrahim

Ali Jameil Hasan Masri

Tahreer Jawad Taher Habaiba

Ebrahem Roni Ebrahem Tawafshe

Wasan Emad Omar Abu Alrob

Sewar Fayez Nemr Abu Zaid

Maram Mohammad Hamdan Albzoor

Lorans Zahi Botros Sleman

Yazeed Awni Mahmoud Samarah

Alaa Mohamad Waheb Hasan

Mohamed Yousef Nage Awawdy

Hosni Abdallah Hosni Zoubi

Hazem Ibrahem Saleh Hujeirat

Baraa Samer Ahmad Shalabe

Mays Zaher Mohammed Amara

Bilal Saber Mohammed Abu Srihan

Sondos Rasheed Sobhe Jbareen

Anwar Adel Abed Alrahman Shhade

Mohammad Mofeed Husain Alkhodor

Tayma Saed Ahmad Rehan

Zeen Alabeden Ali Mohamad Foqara

Yarh Rizk Ahmad Shalabi

Arefa Rashed Abed Alraof Drawshy

Brah Adeel Abd Mahameed

Mayar Khader Raad Hamad

Asma Fathi Ahmed Hamdoni

Hala Mohammad Yousef Yasin

Haneen Tareq Asaad Jabareen

Salsabeel Hosam Khader Mhameed

Hussein Wajdi Hussein Bsharat

Sewar Yaser Esam Kabaha

Samira Mahmod Omar Abd Alhade

Morjan Raja Hasan Abu Masoud

Kifaya Samir Abd Alghany Khatib

Shaymaa Taysir Husain Fayed

Tamer Mohammad Mahmoud Abu Alheja

Sojoud Smara Sleman Abu Arar

Yaser Ibrahim Ahmad Abualrob

Khalil Nassar Ibrahim Abbas

Ahmad Khaled Waleed Safadi

Saher Husein Omar Lahwani

Ibtehal Omar Mohamed Abd Alghany

Mohammad Maher Kamel Zakarna

Mustafa Mahmoud Mohammad Hamdoon

Nasrah Abu Arar

Jehad Akram Abed Arhman Khamayseh

Sondos Anes Sleman Ibrahem

Helmy Muhammad Helmy Mahajna

Rana Yousef Hosen Mahameed

Mnar Atwa Mataoa Abu Arar

Ronza Wa'l Nawwaf Daragmeh

Amjad Moner Tawfiq Agbaria

Raghdan Fred Esaa Kheli Saaida

Samah Eyad Mohamed Ali Mahajne

Nur Alhuda Muhammad Naser Jabarin

Ahmad Abdalraheem Ahmad Nazzal

Mohammad Mowafak Saleem Abu Rya

Islam Ahmad Mahmoud Bani Odeh

Amna Samer Mansour Mansour

Nataly Jeries Zead Artoul

Hida Ahmad Abd Alkhaliq Tally

Khaled Sameer Aref Orooq

Rasem Mohamed Ali Mhmod Agbaria

Aysar Tareq Sameh Ghannam

Ronza Khader Elia Duaibes

Maen Jamal Mohammad Abu Jazar

Omar Ahmad Abd Allah Tork

Majd Riyad Jamil Hamda

Madlen Khaled Kasem Najar

Julnar Moneb Mahmoud Majdub

Fatima Naeem Kamel Ibriq

Abeer Emad Saleem Abd Elhalem

Siwar Khader Ali Abu Ras

Amenh Ameen Mousa Ali Ahmad

Haneen Moain Mohmad Zahrawe

Hadel Emad Hasan Basyuni

Nasrin Husen Mohamed Natour

Donia Waleed Hosen Abo Lel

Narmeen Jaser Auad Abu Arar

Rola Mohammed Gomah Abu Koosh

Shhade Mohamad Shhade Daqa

Rawaa Isa Hafed Sakran

Marah Ali Fata Muhammad

Raghad Wajdi Hamad Nursi

Yasmen Sleman Ahmad Altlkat

Belal Shaher Mamod Habashe

Dawoud Khaled Adnan Marei

Dunia Jamal Mousa Zbeida

Enas Teser Hmdan Alnims

Sheren Sleman Ahmad Altlkat

Braah Mwafaq Qassem Agbaria

Ayat Ebrahem Saleh Moed

Areen Gazi Mahmoud Abu Leil

Selwan Saleem Dwag Alddada

Shada Mahmood Ali Zoabi

Hala Khalid Ahmad Asli

Sari Waleed Fayyad Maali

Ashraf Salem Atta Maali

Orjowan Feras Saleh Zoabi

Najd Amer Yosef Zoabi

Tasneem Emad Ahmad Jomaa

Roba Antar Ibrahim Masarwa

Ainaa Ahmad Akasheh Dalasheh

Mary Yousef Qasem Ghanayim

Awni Fares Hosen Abd Alhade

Wajih Mohamed Wajih Jabarin

Ahmad Jareer Abed Alftah Abu Rass

Ranen Asaaf Sobhi Rayan

Yazen Mahrus Tawfiq Abd Elhalim

Amani Talal Mohamed Zaqla

Norman Serhan Abed Shamaly

Rania Basim Sameeh Habanin

Aseel Amer Mahmoud Khloof

Shahinda Hasn Ali Abu Ras

Abboudy Maher Abd Qundos

Kamar Zyad Ahmed Hanbouzi

Maryam Emad Ahmad Abahra

Riham Omar Arif Bsharat

Raneen Elias Subhi Hanna

Maram Emad Jabbour Aboud

Ayah Ibrahim Ahmed Obaid

Salam Ali Mohammad Ateeq

Dana Waleed Mohammad Khriwesh

Shahd Sami Mohamed Kabha

Rawand Fawzi Fayyad Soboh

Muhannad Jehad Hassan Halaseh

Feras Osama Saeed Awesat

Ahd Saed Saleh Abu Arar

Majd Muhammad Ahmed Jabarin

Tala Majed Refaat Slait

Rahaf Eyad Farouq Nasharti

Najlaa Bilal Ibrahim Hamed

Amnh Thabet Mohamed Saied

Bsma Mohmad Ahmad Eghbaria

Yara Masaad Mahmoud Agbaria

Raghdah Nael Mohamed Mhajne

Amna Taufiq Yehya Suliman

Neda' Husein Mustafa Aldda

Ebrahem Moine Mohammad Taha

Zena Sami Mohammad Hashash

Maha Mohammad Sodqi Jarrar

Shaymaa Salem Husain Jarrar

Aya Naser Hasan Sawaed

Snaa Raof Kamel Zedan

Serina Samer Bshara Esaid

Hazar Hasn Lotfe Jbareen

Marah Ghaleb Abdallah Gamahney

Lilean Ziad Mohammed Jejeney

Tasbeeh Zaeem Khaleel Gorban

Momena Zaeem Khaleel Jorban

Shadi Isam Khaled Hanaysheh

Ayat Hasan Ibrahim Abu Arar

Nibal Sameer Suleiman Al Amour

Mohammad Raed Mohammad Zayed

Noor Smeer Abdallah Masarwa

Aseel Kaed Faesl Shihade

Abdelraof Salim Abdelraof Natsheh

Doaa Nizar Waled Abu Hamida

Donia Samer Mohammad Abo Basel

Yousef Gahit Yousef Bitcherch

Mohammad Ataf Husein Abu Raiya

Ahlam Raed Hasan Zubidat

Hanin Mohamed Suleman Alamour

Marah Mohammed Saeed Ighbareia

Muna Muhammad Rizik Menzal

Lana Rami Mohammad Foqha

Roaa Muayad Khaled Zoabi

Mai Mostafa Akram Kordy

Misaa Adnan Saleh Badawi

Ferdous Zakaria Ahmad Eid

Areen Ali Mahmoud Abu Alrob

Sajeda Fathe Gaze Suliman

Rola Salah Aldin (Mohammad Talal) Zyoud

Ro'a Naser Ahmad Abd Alazeez

Basel Ameer Nadeem Khoury

Aseel Mostafa Yousef Yaseen

Aseel Mwafaq Hilmi Ramadan

Suzan Kamal Deeb Grifat

Waseem Monjed Jameel Sheikh Ibrahim

Asma Isam Fawzy Ilarya

Bayan Khalid Sha'Ban Abd Aleala

Monia Ahmad Mosa Naqouri

Maisam Adnan Rashed Zahalka

Alaa Mostafa Zyad Mhameed

Raefe Mahmood Mostafa Isaa

Salam Ibraheem Mustafa Issa

Diana Sbree Mohamed Khalaila

Basil Gamal Suleiman Mahamed

Saba Mahmoud Anas Massad

Hadeel Azmi Abed Alhafed Samodi

Hadeel Tayseer Nayef Sammar

Rola Farid Abedallah Adraz

Nouf Esam Ibrahim Msaoud

Safaa Jamal Ahmad Asali

Baraa Samier Naser Shalabi

Lana Fawaz Fared Qadan

Aya Ali Khaled Ghanayem

Mohanad Mofak Saleem Hebe

Dana Ali Mustafa Shadafny

Omar Samer Ebrahem Zreke

Noha Mohamad Rostom Badran

Nedaa Khaled Abdallah Said Agha

Adir Anwar Mohamad Mokatran

Doaa Ayman Hamdan Damaira

Mohammed Mustafa Hamdan Damayra

Braa Omar Saleh Sawied

Aleen Waseem Salih Stitia

Omar Jamel Hasan Kaakush

Nagham Waled Salih Abbadi

Zaid Ibrahem Kamel Kabha

Nihad Mohammad Sulaiman Najjar

Eyas Raed Hamza Mahamid

Asil Ehab Saleh Baraka

Shadi Sameer Abdel Qader Kabaha

Mohamad Naif Abed Ellatef Massarwe

Myada Mofed Abd Alazez Ibrahem

Doha Abd El Satar Mohammad Jabaly

Muaid Ibrahim Sallam Altori

Aseel Mostafa Mohamd Agbaria

Noura Mohamed Nazmy Gorban

Ibrahim Ahmad Hamd Guda

Hadel Jamal Foze Taha

Yara Nabel Fyad Abd Algne

Wisal Nimer Mahmoud Smhat

Reham Mrwan Abrahem Galamne

Aya Sulieman Khalid Esifan

Adan Aatef Mohamed Ale Baker

Malak Adnan Mosa Abu Elhija

Malak Nahe Khalil Mohamed

Saja Esam Salih Isawe

Lemor Ziad Rida Saffouri

Ala' Midhat Hafzi Jabarin

Rawan Nazem Mohamed Hijaze

Firas Nayef Saeed Shamy

Mohammad Anwar Ahmad Ibriq

Bayan Slam Ebraheem Alsayed

Mustfa Kmal Mahmod Taha

Afnan Essa Kasim Sobeh

Sundos Ali Shafik Malak

Raneen Fawaz Abd Elaziz Daas

Mosab Mohamed Hasn Zetawi

Ghadeer Mohammad Rajab Mohammad Jammal Almasri

Farah Fayez Abdallah Ardah

Hadeel Jameel Hassan Kabaha

Samah Anwar Kamal Yasin

Aya Fakhre Yaseen Abed Aljwad

Hadil Fakhri Mohammad Abo Shtia

Maryam Mohammad Kamal Abahra

Aseel Mohamad Ibrahim Laham


Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

Health Sciences / Physiotherapy:

Sana Zeyad Nayef Rabaya


Laboratory Medical Sciences:

Aya Fadel Mahmoud Siadi

Sahera Khaled Husain Alajmi

Mariana Ashraf Mohammed Badra

Lana Hisham Mohammad Alawneh

Khaled Ahmad Khaled Mohammad

Weam Nebal Tawfeq Sabaneh

Qusai Mohammad Hasan Badareen

Marah Jaber Mohamed Edres

Yara Ra'Ed Mahmoud Nabahani

Mustafa Adel Mustafa Abu Aladel

Areen Jamal Saud Haj Saleh

Shahd Ahmad Saleh Jarrar

Rose Najeeb Mustafa Khamaisah

Ibrahim Abed Alsalam Mustafa Shal'ab

Anwar Sajed Hesham Abu Ras

Yaqin Ameen Saleh Abed

Tamadoer Ahmad Mohammad Daragmeh

Aya Ali Salem Jamahneh

Rooz Abd Alfattah Mohammad Massad

Ansam Ezzat Mahmoud Zakarna

Siwar Sati Naief Abo Saiefen

Loay Atia Othman Assi

Aseel Mustafa Thaher Amer

Tasneem Jehad (Mohammad Tayseer) Abu Hantash

Ala Ahmad Mohammad Alhabaybeh

Toqa Mostafa Mohammad Mare

Haya Emad Adnan Tahayna

Batool Emad Abd Alrhman Daragmeh

Amanee Mohammad Abdalkareem Abu Amer

Tala Netham Ebrahem Qdaeh

Thanaa Sohail Aref Jalamneh

Aseel Atef Mohammad Maali

Aseel Maher Mostafa Alawna

Farah Mahmoud Abd Alrahman (Hasan Sulaiman)

Kawthar Riyad Ahmad Abu Mnezl

Dima Hazem Ali Shawahna

Omar Rasheed Abd Alrahman Herz Allah

Hadeel Naser Mohammad Abu Zinea

Rozeen Maher Naser Mussallam

Amal Yousef Roshdi Yasin

Worood Moammar Mostafa Salama

Deema Saed Abd Alfatah Hamdan

Kais Saed Abedel Qader Azem

Majdi Mahmud Said Omari

Hoda Nader Fahed Zoubi

Bayan Fahmi Ahmad Sbihat

Diana Hashem Ahmad Sbihat

Razan Moayad Maraee Awawdi

Hadeel Khalefa Nemer Abu Arrah

Esraa Mohammad Gaze Masri

Eraz Esmaell Fadel Khalifa

Yasmeen Fakhri Yosef Bani Odeh

Marah Mohammad Khaled Bani Hasan

Rawand Salim Saeed Yasin

Asma' Mahmoud Yousef Kmail

Razan Marwan Abd Al Raoof Sawafta

Fatima Khalid Mohamad Jaradat

Leen Ibrahim Mohammad Asad

Roshdi Mohammad Abd Almalek Abu Sulaiman

Lurin Rasmi Abed Al Rashayadah

Ola Hashem Mohammad Alawneh

Laila Hisham Solaiman Ekmail

Ruaa Fawzi Mohammad Zeidan

Wafaa Sameer Yousef Zyoud

Basel Mahmoud Nayef Abu Sefein

Ayah Ayman Abdel Rahman Saiqali

Qusai Rafat Lotfi Qtait

Somaya Mahmoud Mhammad Bsharat

Reem Hussein Mohammed Khatib

Tariq Adnan Mohammad Abo Arra

Arein Othman Mohammad Abukhuruj

Asala Yassin Yosef Kabha

Marwa Ahmad Mohamad Hijaze

Sewar Shafek Tawfek Agbarea

Israa Husni Mohammad Omar

Ruba Samer Abdallatef Odeh

Aseel Amjad Khaled Abuobaid

Ghazal Mahmoud Hamdan Abo Khaled

Ataa Ahmed Saleh Abed

Ghayda Mahmoud Faraj Zakarneh

Sarah Mohammad Wajeeh Khalil

Hussam Osama Hussam Al Deen Barham

Haleemah Zuhair Mahmoud Abedalhalim

Ala Ali Mahmoud Kmail

Shatha Abd Alwahhab Yahya Alardah

Maha Jamal Abd Alfttah Yousef

Assil Hasan Fared Masri

Bayan Nasser Abd Abd Alkader

Baraa Ibraheem Abdullah Shqeir

Ayah Jamal Ahmad Antir

Daleen Bassam Abedalrahman Abu Ali

Shatha Yahya Abbas Abo Srour

Sajida Ahmad Ameen AL-mohor

Aseel Naser Ateieh Qarawi

Rawaa Mohammed Ezat Ahmad Elabed

Maha Bashar Mostafa Neirat

Manal Salah Ahmad Sammoudi

Tahreer Fayez Ahmad Fuqha

Shahd Jawad Fawzi Abu Alsebaa

Ayat Oda Raja Abu Arra

Aseel Khalid Ahmad Ghannam

Aseel Abdulnasser Shehadeh Haj

Fayhaa Belal Abd Allah Damaj

Sewar Abd Alateef Ibrahem Shadid

Dala Ibrahim Kamal Samoudi

Baraa Samir Saleem Khutaba

Marea Raed Mohamad Abd Alkader

Marah Mahmod Abedallah Zobi

Fatema Mustafa Ragheb Alqerem

Borouj Khaled Ibrahim Abo Alola

Maram Saleem Mostafa Diab

Athmar Mahmoud Ahmad Zakarneh

Shada Ali Ibrahem Uthman

Arin Rezek Khalil Siyadi

Hayat Belal Hasan Abd Alghni

Omar Mofti Abd Almjed Nasir Alden

Rahma Helal Mustafa Obaidi

Lana Maher Ahmad Zyoud

Ghaneema Ammar Ali Neirat

Salsabil Ali Fayez Fares

Hams Radwan Fayez Khatib

Roa'A Samih Ahmed Abahreh

Sondos Ali Shawkat Khaleel

Haneen Abd Alhakeem Useef Ateeq

Rahaf Abed Alrahman Mahmoud Sabbah

Yara Nimer Mohammed Khlouf

Sara Jawdat Mohammed Abdaljawad

Eman Emad Nafe Yasin

Noora Isa Fares Fares

Kamela Mahmoud (Mohammad Fathi) Samoudi

Nawal Mustafa Najah Weshahi

Khetam Sadeq Mohammad Tahayneh

Yomna Najeeb Abed Alraziq Wahdan

Alanoud Mohamad Saleh Sawafta


Medical Imaging:

Basheer Mohammad Basheer Hamarsha

Ahmed Shareef Mohammad Daraghmeh

Siwar Nabeel Mohammad Abu Arra

Raja' Ahmad Hassan Albzour

Ibrahim Marwan Mohammad Taha

Esra Bilal Fozi Zeidan

Esra' Sulaiman Ahmad Rabaya'

Eba Mahmoud Shokri Abu Alrob

Amne Ibrahem Saleh Hijaze

Nawras Mahmud Mustafa Grefat

Noha Kaher Mohamed Mhajna

Adan Abd Alslam Ebraheem Masri

Aiman Nasser Muhammad Awawdi

Kholod Muhammad Saleem Kayal

Raafat Yosef Abed Alrahman Shhade

Sana Mohamed Tawfeek Abu Shekha

Lamis Kais Mustafa Baklizi

Zamzam Serhan Reda Jarrar

Yara Issam Muhammad Al-A'raj

Ali Mohammed Ali Abunada

Hala Zaher Ahmad Haj Ibrahim

Ansam Ayman Faris Albzour

Dana Tahseen Tawfeq Saabnh

Amjad Ayed Hamdan Daraghma

Mohammad Monther Husain Albzour

Deena Abed Alhafez Mohammad Hoshya

Bayan Salah Mohamad Igbaria

Basel Yousef Ibrahim Matalqa

Mahmoud Fauzi Mahmoud Asla

Adan Ayed Taleb Abed Al Kader

Wasem Sakem Awad Abu Arar

Lilian Issam Mahmoud Abu Al-Rub

Moran Maruan Ali Abu Naaj

Abeer Emad Mohsen Abu Ghali

Wafaa Huseen Said Yasin

Reema Najeh Sulaiman Abu Elaya

Maram Hkmon Mohammed Abo-eid

Takwa Jamal Ahmad Sawaed

Aia Jamal Abed Alraheem Farhan

Asmaa Mohamed Abed Elaziz Mwassih

Waseem Habib Tawfiq Zinaty

Darin Bassam Ahmad Abu Alban

Aya Marouf Roshdi Badawi



Ayah Zoheer Shawkat Qalalweh

Helal Husaam Lotfi Seasan

Dunia Amjad Abd Allah Owda

Shada Foad Osman Abu Ras

Heba Omar Mohamad Agbaria

Hesham Kazem Waleed Lahaam

Naya Nazem Ali Khateeb

Marah Jerise Fahid Jahshan

Deya' Aldeen Hani Baha'Aldeen Alami

Janette Farah Rafeq Khalil

Lina Atef Khalil Roushroush

Aroub Gebrel Salman Abu Ganim

Diyaa Yousef Saeed Salfeti

Zakaria Mazin Mohammad Nassar

Nosayba Ahmad Mahmood Turkman

Ahmad Mohammad Abdul-Hamid Nassar

Fatma Khaled Sulaiman Abu Hasan

Baraah Ahmed Sbeh Jabren

Shahd Hossam Fares Abu Obaid

Areen Adnan Taher Altahayna

Nahla Yousef Slman Abu Frieh

Mohammad Ali Sbitan Alsror

Mohamed Khaled Mohamed Badran

Basel Ziad Ali Jindawe

Renad Jamal Asad Ghanem

Braah Mohamed Hasan Mahamed

Malak Hassan Amin Abu Naim

Saja Mohammad Khaled Hamarsha

Mariam Jihad Mosbah Masarwe

Asma Samih Mohamed Haj Yahya

Sewar Fared Ali Akariya

Marj Hammam Fateh Allah Atatri

Mais Khaled Ahmad Khateb

Dania Ziad Zaki Musa

Anood Ibrahim Zaki Ibrahim

Noor Ghassan Abd Alwahhab Izghibi

Huriya Said Abd Al Lateef Bishara

Arein Ibrahim Abd Alrahman Herz Allah


Occupational Therapy:

Rozala Rekardos Semaan Azzam

Nawras Unis Mustafa Helf

Mirna Salim Mosa Shaer

Areej Burhan Mahmoud Rawajbeh

Heba Emad Nzme Mahajna

Alaa Essam Ahmad Khader

Mohammed Mohammed Ghazi Subhi Risheq

Eman Atiya Aref Mhamed

Rahaf Zahr Aldeen Yousef Zoubi

Ola Ahmad Jehad Heidar

Raneem Mohammed Hosni Abudullah

Amnh Saaod Bhjat Hassan

Jana Riad Mohamd Abo Moch

Dima Husam Rateb Massarwa

Aya Adnan Mostafa Abu El Hija

Maram Yousef Suliman Alamour

Maria Lourd Joul Farah Abd Elmalik

Dima Zoher Yosuf Darawsha

Shaima Isam Saleh Masarwe

Kinnar Abed Alfatah Mahmoud Hassan

Mariam Adnan Ahmad Bhash

Salam Jamal Ali Khalil

Hala Sodqi Shafeeq Meiari

Soma Wael Mohammed Samudi

Maysoon Mahmoud Mohamed Atamleh

Roaa Mahmoud Saleh Naamneh

Lama Ghazal Hamed Aboraya

Rana Khaled Mahmood Gabarin

Ansar Jenet Yonis Ahmad Mahamid

Malak Ebrahem Tayea Mahamid

Razan Ghassan Ali Salahat

Njood Abed Alrahman Ahmad Khateeb

Esraa Jamal Hosni Abade

May Emad Yousef Alahwal

Naheel Abed Alfatah Yahya Dar Diab

Anal Mansor Mohamad Abu Jaafar

Bisan Ahmad Shehada Abu Ratiush

Donia Mohamed Saeed Diab

Haya Naser Hasan Sawaed

Roa' Issam Mustafa Sawafta

Shda Samy Hasan Abed

Asil Khaled Dawud Ghadban

Diala Bassam Mohamad Khatib

Hend Ahmad Yaser Massalha

Maria Yosef Abed Alrahman Shhade

Fahemah Ahmad Asaad Ali Mousa

Amar Taiser Mohammad Abd Al Karem

Rawah Mahmoud Faoor Hojerat

Maria Jaki Salman Jarjura

Riham Amer Jamil Abbud

Mohammad Ahmad Abd Alrahman Obaidi

Hala Michael Ibrahem Matanis

Jeana Jehad Ibrahem Matanis

Hanan Ibraheem Saeed Khotaba

Jude Yousef Thabet Iqaiq

Amal Khaled Ahmad Edrees

Klemnten Naseem Mansour Nasser

Farha Ashraf Lutfi Dib

Hania Kamel Fawzi Jadoun

Mariam Khaled Salah Kareem

Nehaya Atif Mohamed Shehadeh

Asal Munir Fawzi Awad

Rawan Mahmod Srwat Hijazi

Mariam Mazen Saleem Basher

Mais Abedelfattah Izzat Ahmad

Orub Mohammad Akram Khamaisi

Diaa Hassan Orsan Awawda

Saher Fathi Mohammed Shahin

Eliana Raed Morees Badaan

Hanaa Taisir Hamad Hamudi

Layan Aref Daher Zedan

Razan Ahmad Mohammad Abu Alhaijaa

Rawan Emad Arafat Haj

Layan Nassim George Helou

Haya Mahmood Ahmad Abo Hossen

AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing
AAUP Celebrating the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts from the Faculties of Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing