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AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Arab American University concluded the graduation ceremonies of the 17th and the 18th cohorts that were organized Under the auspices of the President of the State of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", and the final day was a great celebration for the students of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Sports Sciences.

The celebration was under the auspices of the President of the State of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen" and attended by Dr. Moayad Abu Saa- the VP for Academic Affairs representing Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for the Medical Schools Affairs, General Akram Rjoub- the Governor of Jenin, representatives and leaders from the security services of Jenin, members of the Academic and Administrative staff, representatives of official and private organizations and a great number of parents and family of graduates.

Under the great happiness of parents and graduates, the ceremony started with the entrance of graduates, the faculty members and the university president, then the Palestinian anthem was played and Al Fatiha was read on the souls of our martyrs.


Speech of the University President

Dr. Moayad Abbu Saa- the VP for Academic Affairs started his speech on behalf of the University President “Ali eidan AbuZuhri” by transferring the greetings of Arab American University to the President of Palestine, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen" and said: “We are happy to see you today after the unexpected events that prevented such celebration in the previous year, to celebrate together the graduates from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the firsts on each department, and to announce the beginning of the graduation ceremony activities that will be starting today and for the coming three days. We will be celebrating the 17th cohort that COVID-19 spread last year could not let us celebrate and the 18th cohort who finished their graduation requirements. Dr. Abu Saa added: “Arab American University in its both campuses in Jenin and Ramallah became one of them most important education provider in Palestine and the region and its staff, graduates and projects have the main role in building the country. We praise and thank His Excellency Mr. Mahmoud Abbas for his support and we appreciate his role in saving our national constants, and his scientific role in his permanent support for the educational process”.

Dr. Abu Saa also said that Arab American University seeks to follow all the new topics academically and to develop its infrastructure and scientific capabilities to provide the best to the Palestinian community through graduating professional students from modern faculties and programs that fulfill the needs of the local, regional and global labor market. He also indicated that during the past two years, AAUP managed to open new faculties and new academic programs according to accurate studies of the current and future needs of the market, including the Faculty of Medicine and some other creative bachelor and masters’ programs, and in this year alone the university provided 11 new PhD programs.

And added: “In addition, AAUP always opens its doors for continuous and new communication relations with centers and international organizations to get the international accreditations, with the best quality standards in its academic programs. The last accreditation was the ADEE LEADER and the Medicine, the Nursing, and the prosthetics. AAUP encourages the openness relations with other international universities and encourages the academic and scientific joint partnerships”.

Dr. Abu Saa also talked about the centers provided by AAUP to serve the local community and develop the community, such centers as the climate change center that has a weather station that covers the northern part of Palestine, also the smart green house for agriculture, the policy and conflict resolution studies center, the cancer cases registration center, the heart center and other centers such as the treatment centers for the community as the physical and occupational therapy centers, the dental center and the children rehabilitation center. Moreover, the laboratories in AAUP had a distinguish work under collaboration with the Ministry of Health during the COVID-19 crisis in their advanced laboratories.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs also announced about the new centers that will open soon and new high level projects as he said: “we now announce that we are planning to soon open three high level services centers which are: the Physical and Occupational Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Center, the Hearing, Speech and Language Diagnostic and Treatment Center, and the Prosthetic Limb Factory Center which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, additionally, AAUP will start working on rehabilitation process to people with special needs to enable them to get a driving license under collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation. Furthermore, we announce the opening of the first center to the 4th education in technology the AR.VR as this center will provide modern training services for students and professors and will add a contemporary education in the medical and biological sciences under the best international standards to serve the local community that we are part of it”.

Dr. Abu Saa added that the achievements of AAUP serve the students, the local community and the country and said: “Thanks to God, and the efforts of the staff of AAUP, we are providing many services to the students, to our people, to our community, and our country. For instance, AAUP has opened its half-Olympic swimming pool to its students and to the local community, the squash fields host official games for squash, and the sports hall hosted international games in the basketball field especially after considering its field as the home field for the Palestine national basketball team”. He added, “Allow me on behalf of the academic and staff of AAUP and on behalf of the local community to thank everyone who was part of doing this and reaching AAUP to this stage, especially Dr. Yousef Asfour- the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the members of the Board for their continuous care and support to provide all the academic and administrative needs, all thanks and appreciations to them”.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Abu Saa concluded by directing his speech to the graduates and said: “I congratulate you on your graduation from you second home, and wish you all the best of luck. You are now the ambassadors to our university and to the country, and you are about to start a new chapter of your life, be ready and set your goals to walk the best bath for your goals and do not walk aimlessly even this was easier for you to do. I would also like to congratulate your parents who waited for this moment. Thank you all for your efforts, wish you the best of luck for your life and for Palestine”.


Graduates Speech

In the graduates’ speech, student Duha Hamed from the Faculty of Law said: “while we are seeing those four years ending, we are finishing a great four years of our lives that we will always remember, four years that ended really fast”. And added: “After all this, it will be hard to leave this place and hard to say goodbye. My greetings to this wonderful edifice in this holy land”.

Ms. Hamed added: “Yes it is Arab American University, with its professors and students, with its great dreams and ambitions, drawing the best future for a country that faced hard times under occupation and under the pandemic”.

She also thanked the academics who work hard to graduating new generations who know the value of education. She also encouraged the graduates to start building and working after the years of studying and that the country needs the educated and expert people to develop it.


Speech of the Guest of Honor

In his speech, General Akram Rjoub- the Governor of Jenin congratulated the graduates and said: “I stand before you and your parents today in the University of all Palestinians, and I congratulate you on behalf of His Excellency Mr. Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen”, so congratulation on your graduation and your success”. He added: “While celebrating your graduation today, I would love to send a message to every Palestinian to say that Palestine is for Palestinians only, and this occupation will end one day. They got our land armed by education, but now the Palestinian people are winning through the students of universities inside and outside the country as they are registering success all over the would”.

General Rjoub added: “The world is amused by what the Palestinians made, even under this occupation, they fight for their right and for their schools and education under all circumstances, and they stand raising their heads high”.

He also greeted the parents of the graduates who stood beside and behind the success of their children and fulfilled their needs to reach this stage of their lives, and said to the graduates: “you will now join the labor market to be part of developing Palestine, keep Palestine in your minds and hearts and don’t let the occupation change this. They have tries to take Palestine out of our hearts, but they were shocked when they found that after 70 years of occupation, each Palestinian home has a Palestinian flag in our hearts”.

Mr. Rjoub also praised the role of Arab American University to its students and to the local community and greeted the Palestinian Women who proved their selves in all fields and will always be responsible for rising this generation.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Moayad Abu Saa- the VP for the Academic Affairs, Prof. Mohammad Asia- the VP for the Medical Schools Affairs, General Akram Rjoub- the Governor of Jenin and members of the Deans Council honored the first of each faculty and then certificates were handed to the following graduates:

Faculty of Arts

Teaching Arabic Language:

Arkan Mohammad Saleh Abu Arra

Basic Elementary Education:

Shahd Moath Ziad Saadi

Nadine Ahmad Tawfiq Aburub

Mosaab Abd Alrazeq Rayeq Albzoor

Elham Zaki Ibraheam Khamayseha

Shahd Jamal Mohammad Abu Obaid

Aseel Abbas Sad Abbas

Aamal Mohammad Mahmoud Abu Zaid

Tasbeeh Abd Alrahman Fareed Zyoud

Rafeeqah Mahmoud Tawfiq Hamamda

Shayma' Mahmoud Saleh Daragmeh

Hadeel Hatem Mohammad Abu Je'Eb

Aya Khaled Mansour Abo Raya

Ghaidaa Mohammed Ahmad Egbaria

Diana Saied Kamel Rafea

Saja Muhmmad Shfeaa Yusef Mhajne


Saba Husam Hussein Daraghmeh

Yara Anwr Mohammad Nassar

Ameed Yousef Fadel Bani Odeh

Rawan Na'Eem (Farah Ahmad) Farah

Deema Ghassan Mohammad Neirat

Amed Amjad Mohammad Shamloli

Amal Sameer Murqus Duaibes

Hadeel Muhammad Abdallah Sawaid

Hadeel Hamed Yousef Alhaj

English Language:

Tofek Saeed Tofek Diab

Ban "Mouhamad Shaaban" Saleh Hamdan

Khair Mohamed Mahmoud Badran

Hadeel Saeed Masoud Nasharti

Doaa Ahmad Kamel Abu Alrob

Haneen Mahmoud Reda Abusalama

Mohamed Forsan Khaled Mahajney

Ayah Yaser Sameeh Alkhaldi

Najlaa Saleh Mohammad Owais

Madlin Ali Mohammad Khaleel

Ayah Yousef Abd Allatif Alyat

Amani Abedalkareem Mostafa Khlouf

Dawood Hussam Ahmad Qabaha

Doha Ahmad Ali Saadi

Hadeel Kamal Tawfiq Ararawi

Doaa Saif Aldeen Abed Alrahman Abo Alrob

Nadeen Ammer Mostafa Dawwas

Qoot Mansour Ahmad Ghanim

Maryam Saleem Mostafa Diab

Sham Salih Ahmad Nassar

Ruba Rafe Mahmud Irshaid

Muhammad Mahmoud Salim Hassan

Tasneem Mohammad Faris Jaradat

Fadwa Sameer Mohammad Alahmad

Somood Wael Ahmad Ghazawi

Taymaa Hasan Abd Allatif Jitawi

Fadi Jamil Mohammad Jarrar

Haya Yousef Husni Abu Alhasan

Nisreen Mohammad Ibrahim Qabaha

Khaled Kadre Yosef Hamad

Raya Khaled Abd Alqader Abu Alhaijaa

Shatha Ziad Mohammad Albzour

Roua Sudqi Ahmad Heib

Abeer "Ahmad Jamal" Fayez Masoud

Ayah Esam Husain Abu Nada

Wasan Ali Mohammad Abu Jomhor

Hadeel Nadir Izat Aldhun

Ghadir Emad Ahmad Aburas

Noora Amer Ahmad Abu Farha

Zeena Ghassan Abd Aljaleel Bahnini

Haia Hashem Abdallah Kabha

Yasmin Naser Mohammad Ateeq

Layth Omar Fayez Albaazor

Areen Ali Burhan Jaradat

May Moneer Abd Alkhaleq Abu Alrob

Hadil Khaled Ahmad Abu Zeena

Nagham Murad Taleb (Qasem Suliman)

Aseel Moahmmed Suliman Damag

Ashraf Ahed Ghaleb Salameh

Nour Majed Mohammad Sammoudi

Qamar Emad Ibrahim Freihat

Ayah Waleed Ahmad Khanfar

Sewar Jehad "Fahme Muhamad" Janajreh

Shahd Ahmad Bahjat Omar

Nadeen Mohammad Ibrahim Sabah

Shahenda Kamal Mohammad Abu Alrob

Amal Fayez Mahmoud Abu Alrob

Zeena Amjad Salah Almoghayer

Raghad Jawad Fawzi Abu Alsebaa

Doa ( Mohammad Sameeh ) Ragheb Massad

Mohammad Dawoud Mohammad Assaf

Mohamad Atallah Saleh Saeed

Haya Abd Almonem Mohammad Abu Felfel

Sana Mahmoud Jawdat Abu alrob

Bayan Ayed Qasem Ateeq

Shahd Abdallah Mogahed Abu Arrah

Rahaf Khaled Sulaiman Orouq

Sara Mohammad Kamel Zayed

Raghad Imad Nafe Abu Alia

Manar Sulaiman Mahmoud Mahajna

Sawsan Abd Allah Mohammad Abu Kehail

Marah Ashraf Fayez Bzoor

Raghad Qasem Khaled Hamdan

Sara Ahmad Tawfeeq Qasem

Yara Saleh Hasan Alhaj Hasan

Arabic Language and Media:

Faten Foad Ahmad Zyoud


Samaa Akrm Mohammad Amro

Tahane Rasem Nimer Bdarne

Thaker Talal Abed Sawed

Maha Yousef Abdel Kader Uda

Sondus Hisham Naser Bazz

Yafa Deeb Abed Al-hameed Alnajajrah

Saba Ghaleb Mahmoud Khatib

Esra' Yaser Ahmad Mo'Ala

Angam Mohammad Ahmad Sawafta

Sana' Ismae'l Mattar Daragmeh

Suhad Bilal Ali Daragmeh

Abeer Mohammad Hashem Zaid Alkilani

Reem Nigi Mohamad Far

Qamar Bassam Iesa Mnasra

Lilian Romel Fawzi Attili

Saba Mohammad Omar Abu Farha

Wedad Imad Naeem Yosef

Dina Sulaiman Abbas Homoor

Rahaf Eyad Rajeh Hamo

Neda' Abd Allah Mohammad Kmail

Roa' Ahmad Mousa Saeed

Doaa Tayseer Mahmoud Abo Qutneh

Lana Hani Mohammad Onallah

Saja Ahmad Mohammad Sabaana

Alaa Mazin Mahmoud Abu - Arra

Odai Mostafa Mhmood Khateeb

Diana Khaled Deef Allah Sharar

Lara Ahmad Abd Alfattah Alhaj

Lujain Tayseer Ibrahim Khamayseh

Amal Omar Rafe Abu Mwais

Shatha Adel Mostafa Sawaed

Lina Ameen Mohammad Sabaana

Bothainah Ahmad Yousef Sanadaa

Najiyeh Bilal Ahmad Albzour

Amal Eyad Kamel Ghannam

Rana Tayseer Abdel Lateef Omary

Mohammad Imad Omer Zaid

Amro Basem Saleh Manasra

Mohammad Yahya Amal Mohammad Jabaren

Faculty of Law


Maram Khaled Ahmad Omari

Omar Jafar Mahmoud Azzam

Deena Adnan Ahmad Bsharat

Assma Hassan Amer Kmail

Ayat Ata Hasan Irmelat

Ahmad Mazen Rajeh Abu Hasan

Shaymaa Nasr Khaled Atatri

Anhar Ez Aldin Mohammad Ghanem

Raha Amjad (Mohammad Tayseer) Abu Hantash

Qamar Ali Mohammad Albzoor

Samaher Salah Hasan Sarhan

Ranin Mohammad Abd Alrahman Abu Jomhor

Walaa Amer Nayef Sawafta

Shahd Abdul Naser Omer Enab

Mohammad Maher Abdallatif Barahma

Mohanad Ali Hasan (Ali Hussein)


Shaymaa Yasin Ahmad Zazaa

Dima Emad Nasouh Jarrar

Amal Jamal Mohammad Emran

Tuqa Ahmad Nor Al-deen Abo Uon

Abeer Khaleel Abdallah Alkhatib

Rahmah Mostafa Ahmed Daragmah

Aseel Read Ahmad Abu Naser

Sa'eed Shhada Abdulrahman Shadeed

Hala Allam Foad Samoudi

Sama Nabil Husain Salfeeti

Dahab Sado Hamed Alulu

Sama Yousef Aref Jaafar

Marah Ahmad Omar Khzemeyyeh

Hikmat Amjad Hikmat Almasri

Qamar Atef Fayez Samoudi

Mohammad Mansour Khaleel Khzimeya

Mohammad Taha Ahmad Hamarshe

Abdalrezzaq Omer Ameen Hamamdeh

Marah Yousef Abd Allah Naghnagheya

Ahmad Hakam Saeed Jarrar

Bder Noman Rashed Mostafa

Mariam Dahesh Esaa Salah

Maral Ayman Abd Alrahman Abu Je'Eb

Dina Alam Ali Fraitekh

Layal Majeed Mustafaa Mansour

Omar Belal "Mohammad Saeed" Abukhalil

Adham Abd AlJawad Meqbl Meshal

Roa'a Bassam Sadeq Sbehat

Mohammad Jawad Mohammad Ghannam

Abdulelah Musheer Suliman Saif

Rahaf Esam Radi Alsayed

Shawkat Jamal Shawkat Sa'Abneh

Malak Mohammad Husain Alghbaya

Belal Muayad Sabri Torkman

Nadeen Rabah Jamaal Masri

Hadil Nedal Kamal Ghanma

Noor Taysir Mohammad Abahra

Revlsya Faisal Suleiman Abu Jaber

Alaa Bassam Nofal Kamel

Zainab Abdalhalim Naif Izzeddin

Rabee Luae Hamzi Al-Hamarsha

Qadre Mouaed Abd Damaj

Rami Zaki Abd Al-kaerrm Masre

Mohammed Ibraheem Hamed Sawafta

Seham Mohammad Mahmoud Zakarna

Israa Ratib Saleh Halaila

Mo'taz Nader Hafeth Qobbaj

Mohammad Nedal Saleh Hamdan

Sana Hussain Youssef Daragmeh

Layla Shadi Mahmoud Amer

Eqab Nimer Eqab Mehsen

Nour Nabeel Talib Abu Rida

Maha Zeyad (Mansour Husni) Rabay'a

Bissan Kfah Nazme Alawneh

Maisaa Esam Mohammad Abu Alhayyat

Angham Riyad Yousef Daragmeh

Saja Mahmoud ِِAtieh Qarawi

Doha Jamal Mohamed Hamed

Sura Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Salah

Amir Muhammad Abdallah Sawaid

Ihab Ammar Sameeh Daraghmeh

Yazan Amjad Fareed Hamdan

Abd Alhameed Mahmoud Ali Eqnawa

Tareq Mahmoud Saleh Narani

Asma Hosam Anees Rabaya

Nada Ahmad Tawfeeq Ayasa

Naser Mouhammed Abdullah Omar

Hasan Abd Allatif Hasan Abu Obaid

Raef Issam Khaleel Abu Halimah

Saqer Naje Salem Suliman

Emran Ahmad Saleh Fayyad

Malik Abed Aljaber Rja Khleleh

Sara (Mohammad Yahya) Ahed Asmar

Lama Ibrahim Suleiman Abu Alrub

Lubna Sadeq Mohammad Tahayna

Qosay Wael Ghaleb Alkhatib

Fiqh and Law:

Areej Boshran Helmi Hamdan

Eman Kamal Mohamad Zakarnh

Haya Mohammed Ahmad Younes

Ahmad Radwan Mahmoud Albaddad

Eman Mohammad Dawod Tazazah

Abdalrahman Abbas Abdalrahman Kmail

Mohammad Najeh Mohammad Fashafshe

Fatima Raed Nayef Homran

Narjes Majed Abdelhadi Abualhasan

Anas Ahmad Kheiri Alshhab

Shaima Mohammad Jamal Saabneh

Yomna Motea' Daoud Abu-Arra

Rahaf Nader Mohammad Massad

Ramadan Asem Taher Yasin

Yara Ayman Ahmad Mualla

Naheel Mustafa Ahmad Ala Amoor

Sari Faisal Ahmad Hussein

Roa Emad Mohammad Ighbareya

Ahlam Ghassan Mahmoud Abu Baker

Murad Saleh Yahya Alardah

Tawfeq Khaled Tawfeeq Jomaa

Dena Mesleh Solayman Daraghma

Mahmoud Ahmad Yousef Saeed

Hana'a Fawaz Ahmad Dabak

Masah Khaleel Hasan Staiti

Mahammed Basam Fais Daragmi

Tasneem Qasem Mahmoud Hamamda

Danya Salah Abd Allah Irshaid

Sarah Akram Mahmoud Ez Aldin

Sara Hasan Sabri Shamali

Mohammad Rasmi Ali Abu Hasan

Nowar Mohammed Mahmoud Ardah

Wala' Abdallah Shareef Awwad

Noor Ayman Ahmad Shalabi

Eman Khayree Mustafa Rabaya

Basem Qadri Elayan Daraghmeh

Haya Nasha't Juma' Kharraz

Alaa Mahmoud Hamza Abu Srour

Safa' Rizik Ahmad Bsharat

Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences


Lulu Said Naser Naffa

Sara Yaser Ateya Qarawi

Aya Hani Yousef Omareyya

Angham Roshdi Mustafa Almansour

Ahmed Naser Ahmed Jamoos

Rahma Khaled Abduallah Abufarha

Ahmed Mohammad Mahmoud Jarrar

Maram Naser Mohammad Kmail

Nadin Qasem Khaleel ( Kolab Sharbaji )

Emad Qasem Khdeir Eshtyah

Aseel Abd Alnaser Salah Aldin Shaaban


Hammam Qasem Ibrahim Tahayna

Lana Bahaa Hamdan Thaher

Saly Marwan Said (Khaleel Ibrahim)

Baraa Kefah Mustafa Alasmar

Mohammad Hosam Mohammad Kmail

Majd Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Amireh

Yara Naser Masoud Khdor

Ethar Sobhi Mahmoud Fayed

Sara Jamal Shafeeq Omran

Hala Naser Afif Ahmad

Yousef Iyad Ahmed Rabaia

Noor Samer Abd Allah Sanouri

Reema Esam Wajih Alayasi

Ghayda Ali Hasan Jaradat

Heba Emad Saber Nasr

Waleed Ahmad Mohammad Kmail

Ayman Yousef Mohammad Swadeh

Seif Aldin Mahdi Mahmoud Jarrar

Mahmoud Mahdi Mahmoud Jarrar

Ahmad Mahmoud Abd Allah Noor

Qais Ahmad Khalid Hamad

Baker Aldeen Saied Mahmoud Dyab

Ehab Jamal Mohammad Naser

Hatem ( Mohammed Ali) Fawzi ALqadi

Ahmad Nezar Hashem Maali

Anas Iyad Mohammad Abu Arra

Dalya Belal Mahmoud Abu Alrob

Raghad Sufyan Taleb Kayed

Ibrahim Amer Burhan Al Aker

Abed-Alrahim Jamil Rafeeq Saleh

Hadil Khaled Abd Allah Isa

Layan Hani Ghaleb Daraghmeh

Ranim Ahmad Zayed Jabr

Omar Nitham Mustafa Sawafta

Mohammad Nedal Mahmoud Thaher

Sara Bashar Nayef Abu Jalbosh

Rawan Adeeb Mohammad Alardah

Shefa' Yaseen Saeed Abu Salah

Ilaf Ismael Mohammad Khatib

Husam Anwar Ali Frihat

Ibrahim Sami Majeed Ibrahim

Dalal Mooen Ahmad Suliman

Wala' Ali Mousa Dar Mousa

Rami Hisham Nader Abufarha

Hala Mohammad Ibrahim Nasra

Bahaa Aldin Fadel Morshed Baker

Dyala Ebraheem Saeed Abu Salah

Nagham Waleed Jameel Ibrahim

Raheeq Ahmad Sabri Abed

Maha Raslan Naeam Abed

Deema Adil Mohamad Shalabi

Mahmoud Ahmad Mahmoud Yousif

Zeena Basem Zayed Jabr

Rana Helal Mahmoud Abu Baker

Eman Ahmad Hasan Hamarsha

Mohammed Ahmed Abd Alteef Dababat

Asil Osamah Mohammad Kmail

Ahmed Mofeed Omar Yacoub

Eman Mohammad Mahmoud Lawahme

Asma' Ahmad Waleed Sadaqa

Mohammed Lotfi Abdellatif Khalil

Aya Mazin Ahmad Sharqia

Ikram Ayesh Qasim Ataya

Saja Adnan Fathi Zaid

Saray Said Nyazi Jarrar

Noor Mansour Ali Alsadi

Lama Emad Fawzi Abu Alsebaa

Walaa Mohammad Omar Kmail

Heba Maher Saleh Abu Alhaija

Mohammad Fares Yousef Marei

Farah Ibrahim Lutfi Suleiman

Fadi Mohammed Mostafa A'Araj

Ali Hasan Abdelhameed Naqeeb

Mona Nidal Nomaan Jabarin

Ahmed Mithqal Ghaleb Daraghmeh

Duha Naser Mustafa Janajreh

Rawan Sajid Nori Bani Odeh

Ru'a Muhammad Saleh Odeh

Adham Ghazi Yousef Hadaidah

Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim Omari

Ahmad Othman Mahmoud Taleb

Nemer Mahmood Nemer Abu Arra

Anwar Saed Sufian Al-Khaldi

Qassam Mohammad Ali Irshaid

Israa Salameh Mohammed Bsharat

Moath Esam Nader Marie

Aya Dawod Abdalrahman Rabaya

Haneen Tawfeeq Hafeth Abu Ghannam

Basil Aysar Tahseen Yaseen

Aseel Jamal Burhan Jaradat

Rahaf Mohammed Nafez Assaf

Tasnim Mohammad Moraweh Awes

Esraa Mezied Ahmad Albzour

Rola Tayseer Ahmad Abu Jalboush

Marah Khaled Mahmoud Abulail

Hanan Amro Burhan Alaker

Linda Munir Majeed Duaibes

Layan Ayman Rajeh Daragmeh

Ayya Husam Mahmoud Alshaer

Sali Mohammad Ali Mansour

Mohamed Hayel Mohamed Mashaqi

Nour Alislam Mahmoud Mousa Khalil

Rawan Noman Ezzat Abu Alhaija

Reema Ma'mon Asem Daragmeh

Batol Majed Hamza Alhawashin

Aseel Samer Rayeq Zakarna

Dana Feras Ahmad Saadi

Nezar Areef Mohammad khader

Aroob Yousef Mohammad Kmail

Samaa Mahmoud Yousef Yasin

Yoosef Ahmad Ali Kmail

Aseel Ghassan Khaleel Al-Sha'Er

Lara Belal Hoda Alsaadi

Sara Hazem Yousef Sayeh

Taqwa Ala Aldin Mohammad Alrozi

Haifa Mohammad Ibrahem Abo Alhejaa

Salahaldin Nizar Ahmad Sulaiman

Reem Mohammad Anees Saeed

Leen Kefah Mohammad Soqeya

Khaled Hasan Abdallah Yasin

Business Administration:

Salam Wael Saleh Zughayer

Noor Nader Abd Alazez Qrareya

Sara Nasser Ezzat Daragmeh

Ola Harb Abdelghani Senan

Ahmad Mathher Mahmoud Kmail

Saad Fawwaz Saad Alshakaa

Rayan Omar Fathi Emoor

Bayan Amar Salih Ahmad

Lara Zaher Mefleh Barahma

Amanda Isam Jalil Khader

Hadil Moayad Zaki Alatrash

Tala Jamal Ahmad Abu Farha

Ahmad Deya Faisal Alahmad

Nafe' Morad Nafe' Kmail

Ahmad Hani Sadeq Abu Alharaden

Remah Sameer Tawfiq Abu Dawwas

Eman Ahmad Abd Alrahman Salah

Angham Qasem Mostafa Hussein

Asmaa Fayez Saad Zyoud

Duha Yusef Mustafa Bani Odeh

Alaa Mohammad Odeh Nazzal

Marina Bassam Jad Allah Daoud

Sharif Husam Sharif Abualrob

Banking and Financial Sciences:

Heba Mustafa Helmi Bojirmi

Amal Hashem Shafee’ Hammad

Mohammad Nedal Lutfi Obaid

Ayah Yousef Fawzi Abu Baker

Marah Mohammad Ali Abu Baker

Dana Ehab Najib Hethnawi

Sondos Esam Abdlatef Isa

Aseel Hussein Hassan Mohammad

Ahmad Fawzi Sadeq Saadeh

Baraa Hekmat Fawzi Fares

Hazem Mohammed Sameeh Daraghma

Zeenah Mousa Abd Ezzeddin

Aseel Saed Shehadah Abu Obaid

Mohammad Basem Ahmad Abu Ali


Moath Khaled Ahmed Knaan

Shadi Suleman Mohammad Abu Alrub

Mohmmad Ali Sadeq Samoudi

Mohammed Tareq Khaled Fawakhriya

Mohammad Omar Abdalqader Abusamen

Mahmoud Nasem Faiez Qaroush

Asad Moammar Burhan Alaker

Yara Mazen Mustafa Jarrar

Aseel Arafat Mohammad Awwad

Hamzeh Omer Tawfeeq Melalha

Operations / Management Information Systems:

Tala Watheq "Wasef Mohammed" Abd

Shereen Mohammad Saeed Shawahna

Fatima Amjad Hikmat Almasri

Ro'A Yousef Theeb Mare'

Amal Mahmoud Moraweh Owais

Rawan Mohammad Hasan Abu Obaid

Solafa Abd Allatif Sadeq Abbas

Aseel Asaad Ibrahim Ezaldin

Abdelhadi Suleiman Abdul Kareem Zakarneh

Operations / Hospitals and Health Services:

Alaa Mohammed Khalil Almasharqa

Mohammad Abdel Latif Mohammad Basharat

Doua Samer Mahmoud Shreem

Maya Marwan Hussein Mizyed

Rania Wajdi Kamel Samoudi

Rawan Tayseer Ahmad Abu Jalboush

Nidaa Imad Mahmoud Khamaisah

Aya Jasim Mohammed Sulaiman

Ram Adeeb Naji Anabousi

Human Resources Management:

Nermen Mahmod Khaled Abo Tabekh

Siba Omar Mohammad Badarnh

Shahd Zaher Mefleh Barahmeh

Reta Mustafa Abd Allah Lahlooh

Mustafa Samir Mahmoud Aldraidi

Tasnim Wael Sameeh Zaidan

Julia Raed Jadallah Dawoud

Lamah Naser Tawfeeq Abed

Husam Mazen Helmi Darweesh

Rahaf Mohammad Saleem Imour

Rahaf Mohammed Shhadi Daqa

Futna Mohammad Ahmad Faza

Majd Falih Mostafa Abu - Arra

Shahd Maher Khalid Alsa'Ayda

Mohammad Morewweh Abdalkhaleq Saba'neh

Hanan Ahmad Husni Thiab

Noura Abed Alqader Mohammed Kmail

Faculty of Sport Sciences

Mohamed Frid Yusef Abd El Hay

Tala Khaleel Ahmad Nazzal

Safa Nader Ahmad Jabarin

Taimaa Saied Abd Alqader Husaine

Mohamed Asad Nazme Taha

Hadeel Suleiman Mahmoud Eid

Rawan Nashaat Ahmad Mahagna

Yara Mohammad Kamel Mahamid

Mohammad Hassan Jammal Jaradat

Kariman Fadel Awad Abd Alhadi

Mohammad Abd El Rahim Hasan Masarwh

Gazi Muaiyad Ghazi Rabea

Sabrin Hamza Yousef Mahameed

Amna Awad Rateeb Albzour

Shayma Ajaj Mohammed Suliman

Hussam Adnan Qasem Abufarha

Sawsan Kheir Mahmoud Dabas

Nawras Hasan Ramli Ghadir

Nedaa Awne Saleem Ziedan

Abd Al Rahman Mousa Naji Abu Al-Rub

Thana Abed Alatef Abed Alqader Daraghmeh

Morjan Ahmad Hussain Nwahda

Mohammad Saeed Yousef Awad

Balsam Reda Abd Alhadi Mahajna

Maram Samer Mahmod Tahbash

Asel Ibrahem Farag Muhammad

Kareem Nouman Rashid Mustafa

Aya Ganem Abdallah Hawash

Aya Raed Fareed Tawil

Basel Ahmad Ali Assadi

Imran Saleh Omar Abd ِِِAlhadi

Thaer Salih Abdallah Sawaed

Helal Fouad Hafez Gebarh

Rasha Adel Mostafa Sawaed

Tasneem Khaled Yousef Kmail

Khaled Wael Khaled Abo Mihsen

Mohammad Abd Alqader Mohammad Sammar

Dounia Ali Orsan Barbour

Ahmad Jamal Abd Allatif Hamdan

Abd Alghani Saad Azmi Nafaa

Amr Barakt Ahmad Omar

Noura Majid Abdallah Swaed

Rana Raid Fathi Igbaria

Sewar Abd El Qader Mohammad Sarhan

Malak Jehad Abd Almajeed Sabaana

Abrar Khlifa Saeed Khlifa

Yazid Muhammed Said Moed

Mohammad Ndal Mohammad Khmayse

Mohammad Ndal Mohammad Khmayse

Roaa Mahmud Ibrahim Baqli

Fernas Hazem Hasan Hamdan

Suher Anmar Maroof Onallah

Ebtehal Saleem Mousa Omariyah

Jorjet Emad Victor Abulail

Taghreed Bassam Jadallah Dawod

Khadija Mohamad Mahmoud Mahajna

Mostafa Magde Abed Alrhem Kadan

Mohammad Tayseer Mohammad Zyoud

Said Hasan Mohamed Al Boirat

Rakem Mazen Mahmoud Mwasi

AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts
AAUP Concludes the Graduation Ceremonies of its 17th and 18th Cohorts