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AAUP Holds a Workshop on Ways of Preparing for Disasters and Wars

Monday, November 13, 2023

The Office of the Assistant President of the Arab American University for Community Affairs organized a workshop on ways of preparing for disasters and psychological and first aid for wars. This workshop was held in cooperation with a number of Palestinian universities with the participation of psychological experts. The workshop was conducted via the Zoom platform.

The workshop participants touched on the repercussions of post-traumatic stress, psychological and social support for those affected, and the importance of the educational process and its continuation in light of crises.

The participants came up with several recommendations, most notably the need to have emergency and crisis management centers, provide counseling services. The participants recommended also a development of plans for specializations and programs in Palestinian universities in the psychological and social field, whether appropriate theoretical or practical courses in crisis management as well as cooperation at the level of workers and specialists to prepare a plan to provide first aid and counseling integrated services wars.