AAUP Launches (AAUP App) Application on Mobiles to Serve Its Students and Faculty Members

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

AAUP has launched a new application called AAUP APP via Mobile, that offers services to students and faculty members in Android and IOS versions.

This application is considered to be the first of its kind in Palestine that provides several academic services via your mobile, it’s known of its simplicity, fast processing, and offering services.

Students can use this applicant for the following services:

  • Registering courses.
  • Add & Drop courses.
  • Access to study schedules, grades, absences, and all financial issues.
  • Provide online AAUP ID Card services and identification usage at university campus, where the student will no longer need to hold his/ her student ID card.
  • View latest University updates and news.
  • Access to University map, classes and buildings directory.
  • Allowing for an online virtual tour of the University campus.

AAUP has worked on offering this new application for its students and faculty members to facilitate their daily academic needs and the academic process.

Students and Faculty members can download this application on their mobiles through App Store or Google play, and access to the app using their personal Portal “username” and “password”.


Download Application