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AAUP Organizes a Lecture for its Post-Graduate Students Entitled "he Future Governmental E-Services"

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Arab American University hosted Dr. Amjad Ghanim- the Secretary General of the Ministries Council to give a lecture that was organized by the Poll center in the university. The lecture was about “The future governmental e-services” and it targeted the post-graduate students in Ramallah Campus.

Dr. Faisal Awartani- the CEO for the Research and Poll Center in Arab American University opened the lecture in a speech as he welcomed the keynote speaker Dr. Ghanim and emphasized on the importance of the topics of this lecture as it will introduce graduate students to the governmental strategy related to the e-services, in addition to the direct discussion between students and decision makers. Dr. Awartani also explained that it is important for the students’ projects to be according to the market needs and the guidance of the government related to the e-services.

Dr. Amjad Ghanim presented a research paper where he talked about the technology implementation in Palestine to improve the governmental performance, and he also had a presentation about the “E-Government Services Systems”.

In his speech, Dr. Ghanim announced that a new E-government service system will be released by the New Year called “Hokomaty”, and he talked about many topics including the governmental strategy of cluster development and the technology and public administration “Palestine towards the digital economics” that aims to use technology as best as possible to serve the Palestinian digital economics. He also talked about connecting and coordinating the government efforts to develop the technology sector and the administrative sector and to give the priority to the developmental sectors. Dr. Ghanim also mentioned the main initiatives that are already been worked in for each target to be achieved.

Moreover, Dr. Ghanim provided some important statistical numbers about the reality of technology and digital in Palestine as the indicators showed a good technology awareness level between individuals especially the youth, and this prepared the transfer to the usage of technology in the different sectors in Palestine. He also explained the connection between the internet and the e-commerce sector and data from the Monetary Authority that showed the readiness of the banking sector to deal with the e-commerce through providing the e-payments and showing the importance of the role of the delivery services, the delivery prices and the interest in the e-commerce from people in general.

Dr. Ghanim talked about experiences of Arab, regional and international countries and the impact of using technology and information systems on them, and gave an example of UAE as a pioneer country in innovation, UK, Germany, etc. He said that “Hokomaty” is one of the initiatives of technology and administrative sectors that aims mainly to develop the governmental services through the automation of government transactions, the connection of the departments with one another to guarantee the easy flow of information and prepare it in the fastest and easiest way, in addition to providing safety e-payment channels that line up with the technology development in the world. Dr. Ghanim ensured that “Hokomaty” will be launched officially in the beginning of the New Year and will provide 12 governmental e- services in its first stage.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Ghanim answered the questions and inquires of students about the readiness of the governmental e-services systems, especially the legislative structure of the system before the operation start date and the guarantee of the internal transfer between organizations and how to define data, the importance of having a national information system and the government policies in preventing the Palestinian brain drain.

AAUP Organizes a Lecture for its Post-Graduate Students Entitled “The Future Governmental E-Services”
AAUP Organizes a Lecture for its Post-Graduate Students Entitled “The Future Governmental E-Services”