AAUP Participates in the Virtual Exchange Workshop

Monday, November 25, 2019

A delegation of academics, administrators and students from AAUP participated in the virtual exchange workshop that was held in Ramallah and organized under collaboration with the European- Palestinian Cooperation Office and the Mediterranean Universities Union. Mr. Marsilio Scalisi – the Head of the Mediterranean Universities Union network, Dr. Nidal Jayousi- the Head of Erasmus Office, representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and representatives from the Palestinian universities all attended the workshop.

AAUP participates in the virtual exchange workshop

Representations for projects and its techniques were discussed during the workshop along with a discussion about the chances for future cooperation concerning the virtual exchange and how to encourage it in Palestine.

AAUP started using the virtual exchange technique in the current semester in a general course for Sports Sciences students. This course provides students with virtual meetings with other countries. AAUP seeks to collaborate with Mediterranean Universities Union and Erasmus Plus to implement more of this activity to other courses and provide other virtual exchanges for the Palestinian students with other European and Arab students in the different specializations.