AAUP President Announces Scholarships to Excellent Students and Applicants for the Bachelor in Medicine Program

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri- AAUP President announced that the university will provide full Bachelor in Medicine scholarships on the tuition fees for all students who have a GPA of 99.5% and higher in their Tawjihi 2020 exams (scientific stream) and want to join the Bachelor in Medicine program in AAUP for the academic year of 2020 / 2021, noting that this scholarship will be for all their study years.

AAUP President announces full scholarships for excellent students who want to join the Bachelor in Medicine program

This announcement came to honor Fatah movement- Jenin, Jenin Activities and its Institutions and AAUP Alumni Forum who visited the university to assert that they all support AAUP and to congratulate the university on the accreditation of the Bachelor in Medicine program, which is considered to be a new achievement and success to the university.     

Prof. Abu Zuhri welcomed the guests and appreciated this visit and their support to AAUP since its first days. He ensured that the university will always seek to provide its services to the local community and that this visit expresses that we all stand together to develop this country.

He also clarified that AAUP has already started working on the international accreditation of the Faculty of Medicine and to the educational hospital which is Ibn Sina Hospital with a capacity of 220 beds. 

Secretary of Fatah Movement in Jenin asserted that the Faculty of Medicine in Arab American University is a great step that all Palestinians are proud of, and said that AAUP has great professionals, competencies and capabilities that will lead to graduating Doctors that we boast of them in front of the world.

AAUP Alumni Forum
Fatah Movement in Jenin visits AAUP to congratulate it on the accreditation of the Bachelor in Medicine