AAUP- Ramallah Campus Organizes a Graduation Ceremony for the Training Course about "Arbitration, Contracts and Conflict Resolution"

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

With the participation of 9 trainees from different sectors, Arab American University– Ramallah Campus organized a graduation ceremony for the 30-hour training course “Arbitration, Contracts and Conflict Resolution” that was organized by the Continuing Education Center in Arab American University under collaboration with the Global Professional for Educational Projects.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Prof. Ali Ziedan Abu Zuhri- the University President, Mr. Mohammad Zeyara- the Minister of the Ministry of Public Works, Mr. Riyad Atari- the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Mohammad Haj Qasim- the Head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Mr. Walid Assaf- the Chairman of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission and a representative of the Military Training Body.

Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri started the ceremony by welcoming the guests an ensuring on the importance of organizing such training course to prepare a generation who is capable to build and manage the public and private Palestinian institutions. He said that AAUP opens its door for all Palestinians as it aims to provide the local community with the best services, and he gave a detailed explanation about the university, its programs and faculties and how the university seeks to develop its academic aspect by providing unique and new programs and faculties that meet the labor market needs locally and internationally.

Dr. Khalid Atyeh- the Continuing Education Center Manager asserted on the importance of this course and said that what made this course distinguish is that participants represented the different sectors of the Palestinian state and indicated that the course’ certificate is certified from international institutions, and he wished the graduates of this course all the success.

The representative of the Global Professional for Educational Projects, Mr. Mohammad Hassoneh congratulated the participants and expressed his pride in this collaboration relation with the university to organize this important course. Mr. Hassoneh said that arbitration is a mean to end conflicts of engineering and commercial nature and is considered as a secondary judiciary besides the official judiciary, and they are complementary to each other. He also gave an introduction about the institution of Global Professional for Educational Projects and its role in organizing courses inside and outside Palestine. Mr. Hassoneh explained that the participants have prepared projects that contribute in development and provided them as recommendations to the official parties in order to study them and benefit from implementing them if possible.

In his graduation speech, Eng. Taher Abu Shamleh- a participant in the course said: “arbitration is now an alternative mean to resolve conflicts and it became a must as the institutions which are responsible for contracts are interested in this and issued some laws and regulations to guarantee resolving conflicts without the need to go to judiciary, to save time and because it is faster, easier and more simple”. 

Eng. Abu Shamleh said that in this course that was organized jointly by Arab American University and the Global Professional for Educational Projects Institution, participants have received an important training program that covered many topics including: arbitration procedures, Palestinian arbitration law, foreign and international arbitration, requirements for arbitrator’s response, arbitration agreements and decisions, all types of contracts, conditions of public and private contracts, and alternative means of settling disputes and conflicts. He also thanked the organizers of this successful and important course.

At the end of the ceremony, AAUP honored the honorable guests and the organizers of the course with appreciation certificates, and handed all participants their course certificates.