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An AAUP Researcher at the Faculty of Graduate Studies Develops A Specialized Criminal Investigation System for Apple Watch

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The researcher Mohammad Dawood, an M.A student in Cybercrimes and Digital Evidence Analysis program at the Arab American University in Ramallah, developed a specialized system in criminal investigation for Apple Watch by establishing a criminal digital investigation matrix.

The researcher Dawood explained that the system, which he developed, helps investigators deal with Apple Watch by collecting digital evidence quickly. This, according to the researcher, contributes to uncovering the details of crimes, and succeeds in producing reliable reports from the Watch before the legal authorities.

He added that the subject of his M.A thesis is novel as it provides an integrated matrix specialized in dealing with Apple Watch at crime scenes.

Dr. Islam Amro, the supervisor of the research, the Dean of the Faculty of Modern Sciences and a professor of information security in the postgraduate programs at the Arab American University, confirmed that student Dawood’s research falls within the university’s main policies to provide specialized, modern academic programs. Dr. Amro added that the programs offered by AAUP are compatible with the requirements of the local, regional and international market. Additionally, AAUP programs provide scientific products that are capable of competing at a global level and support the ideas of startup companies and innovative products, he added.

Dr. Amro continued saying that the research is considered as a very modern tool in providing direct digital criminal evidence for legal uses. This is because criminal scientific evidence is believed to have the highest levels of credibility in cybercrimes. This matrix automatically generates this type of evidence and builds various scenarios based on the different types of crimes. This is a significant addition to the science of cybercrimes, smart watches and the Internet of things. Dr. Amro indicated that this research meets all the requirements of obtaining the academic degree, and he is working on a publication on this subject in one of the most reputable, refereed scientific journals.

For his part, Dr. Muath Sabha, the internal examiner and the director of the Ph.D Program in Computer Engineering at the Arab American University, praised the presented research. Dr. Sabha stated that this research is unprecedented and touched upon aspects that no one had previously touched upon. This is because it connected the Apple Watch with the iPhone, while these two systems are very tight and inaccessible. He added that the student, Dawood, created a framework that unifies the work in electronic criminal investigations at the crime scene through an Apple Watch, an iPhone, a Network, or all of the three together.