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AAUP Starts its Virtual Sports Marathon among its 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Under collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Arab American University started its Virtual Sports Marathon Competition “Step and Information” on its social media. The Competition started in Hebron, Ramallah and Al Bireh and Tulkarem and tens of school and university students along with other people from the local community participated in this competition.

Dr. Saba’ Jarrar- the Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences in AAUP and the supervisor of this competition said that this competition is considered as a new and unique way for Arab American University to celebrate its 20th anniversary. This marathon reflects the importance of AAUP in this country in all fields and sends important messages such as the embodying of the culture of “walking for health”, where children are also involved, to consolidate this culture from childhood.     

Dr. Jarrar explained that the marathon started with the participation of thousands of school students, university students and the local community from three governorates (Hebron, Ramallah and Al Bireh and Tulkarem) from Jenin in the north to Rafah in the south. Participants need to download an application on their smart devices and start this application when they start walking in order to count their steps and the time taken, and then they need to send a picture of their results on AAUP social media.

Dr. Saba’ added that Arab American University praise the role of the Ministry of Education in collaborating with the university and encouraging such activities which is a part of other activities that will be planned in the coming months.

Mr. Basri Saleh- the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education stressed on the importance of the collaboration relations between the Ministry and Arab American University praising its social and sports role in addition to its academic role. He also explained that the focus on the sport aspect on the school level is very important and said that many other activities shall be planned in the future. Mr. Saleh also thanked AAUP for planning this initiative that gathered the Palestinian community in one place, and said that this is not new for Arab American University as this university always supports the educational and sports activities.