Accreditation of Contemporary Public Relations Master Program in Partnership between the Arab American University and Al-Najah University

Monday, March 12, 2018

President of the Arab American University Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri and President of Al-Najah University Prof. Dr. Maher Natsheh received the Contemporary Public Relations Master Program accreditation from the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Sabri Mamdouh Saidam at an official ceremony held at the Ministry's headquarters, in presence of the Undersecretary of Higher Education Affairs Dr. Ehab Al-Qabaj, and the Arab American University Board of Directors Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Waleed Deeb.

Saidam awarding The Arab American and Al-Najah the accreditation of the Contemporary Public Relations Master Program

During the ceremony, Saidam stressed that this specialization accreditation will help achieving quality service for the two universities students, along with those who will join it from various official and civil institutions. It will ensure improving the public relations in Palestine as it includes several specialized knowledge that’s consistent with the field’s current developments globally.

He stressed on the Ministry's emphasis on the quality assurance of the higher education sector and not repeating the programs that do not meet the needs of the local and international labor market and are not in line with the requirements of comprehensive and sustainable national development. Also, pointing that it focuses on new programs that keep pace with the local community needs.

Both Abu Zuhri and Al-Natsheh thanked Minister Saidam and its staff for this specialization accreditation. Stressing, it comes within the partnership and joint cooperation between the two universities and their serious desire to improve the higher education sector through this program and others.

In addition, a number of common interest issues were discussed along with emphasizing on innovative and creative specializations and programs that would provide students with specialized knowledge and improve the higher education sector according to clear and comprehensive methodologies.

From the master accreditation official ceremony