Al-Khan Al-Ahmar Delegation Thanks the University for Offering Their Children Ten Scholarships

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A delegation from Al-Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin community, threatened with demolition by the Israeli occupation authorities, thanked the Arab American University for offering 10 scholarships to their kids who wish to join the university to enhance their resilience to face the occupation practices. During their visit to the university the VP for Administrative Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu Arra welcomed them.

A delegation from Al-Khan Al-Ahmar thanks the University for offering 10 scholarships to their children

The delegation expressed its gratitude for the University's initiative to provide scholarships to their Bedouin community youth. Stressing, this wasn’t surprising for a university that was able to gather the children of historic Palestine in one geographical spot by having nearly half of its students from the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories, to reinforce the Palestinian people’s unity and reflect the reality that we’re unified despite all the artificial boundaries imposed by the occupation.

Al-Khan Al-Ahmar students, whom will enroll in the Arab American University, will face all challenges as distinguished students to prove they meet the university's and their parents expectations and be Palestinian model in striving to serve his people with knowledge and help creating an independent Palestine.

The university VP Mr. Abu Arra welcomed the visiting delegation and saluted Al-Khan Al-Ahmar sons for their steadiness and facing the occupation injustice saying “The Arab American University is keen to reach to all the Palestinian people because it’s the University of all Palestinians, the outstanding, and all those eager to learn. Its students and the nation’s youth receive new knowledge to build the future, create the Palestinian people glory, hold to our rights, clinging to our lands, and to reflect the Palestinian people’s civilized image to the whole world telling them; our youth will rebuild our homeland with their education.”