Amneh Abu Arrah's Film "Al Khan Al Ahmar" Nominated to Compete in Wasit Festivel

Saturday, January 11, 2020

“Al Khan Al Ahmar” film got nominated to compete among 20 other Arabic and foreign films in the 5th Wasit International Film Festival, the musician Nasser Shamma course.

The festival management team announced that they chose 20 Arabic and foreign films out of the 350 films that were submitted, those 20 films will participate in the official competition for the 5th edition of the festival.

The Poster of Al Khan Al Ahmar film by Amneh Abu Arrah

Al Khan Al Ahmar film was directed by Amneh Abu Arrah who is an Arabic Language and Media Department graduate and it was supervised by lecturer Sodqi Mousa.

The film is about the suffering of Al Khan Al Ahmar village as a result of the Israeli attack that aims to evacuate all it residents. The film focuses on the resilience of Al Khan School and its children.

Abu Arrah said: “the Palestinian participation in the Arabic and foreign festivals enhances the awareness in the Palestinian cause as it transfers the Palestinian message_ that we love life_ to the whole world.”

Abu Arrah also appreciated the role that AAUP did in supporting her and thanked all who contributed in the success of this film.