Arab American University Celebrates "Personal Trainer" Course Graduation

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Arab American University Center for Continues Education celebrated graduating 36 students from the university and others from the 1948 Palestinian lands. They participated in “Personal Trainer” course, the first of its kind in Palestine with 300 training hours.

Part of the “Personal Trainer” Course Graduation Ceremony

Attended the ceremony Vice President for Training Dr. Nizam Dhiab, coach and lecturer in the university Sports Science Department Dr. Maan Zakarneh, and employee of the Continuous Education Center Shatha Al-Ahmad.

The ceremony started with university vice president for training affairs Dr. Diab speech to graduates. He stressed, practical training is complementary to theoretical materials, expressing his pride of the university to organize the “personal trainer” training, first of its kind in Palestine. Confirming the university seeks to develop everything special. Also praised the Center of Continuous Education role and thanked Dr. Maan Zkarneh, who provided the participants with practical experience, and welcomed participants from outside the Arab American University, whether they were Palestinian universities students or 1948 Palestine students.

In turn, trainer Dr. Maan Zkarneh stressed that the success of any training course depends on student interest and utilization. Noting, “personal trainer” is the first of its kind in Palestine and still fresh on Arab level, explaining to reach higher levels students must attend several courses, workshops, personal effort, and not to settle with one or two sessions only. Calling graduates to apply what they learned in scientific way.

He pointed, the course included theoretical subjects such as physiological physical effort, movement mechanics, nutrition, and sports injuries, in addition to practical aspect as mechanism of using devices in sports clubs, developing training programs in a proper way, and using modern tools. This course accredited in Palestine, specifically within the Green Line, and both Arab and international levels.

By end of ceremony, the certificates were distributed.

Part of the “Personal Trainer” Course Graduation Ceremony
Part of the “Personal Trainer” Course Graduation Ceremony
Distributing the training certificates