Arab American University Head of Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour Opens New Computer Lab Student.Edu

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Honored by the workers union

Arab American University Head of Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour opened new computer lab STUDENT.EDU, to provide electronic services that serves students and their education

Arab American University Head of Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour opening new computer lab

 The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Jenin Governorate Dr. Ibrahim Ramadan, Board of Directors Academic Advisor and founding president of the University, Dr. Waleed Deeb, the University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri and the Board members Mr. Ghaleb Al-Hafi, Mrs. Sabah Asfour, Dr. Jamal Houil, secretary of Fateh movement in Jenin Dr. Nour Aldeen Abu-Rub, vice-presidents, his aides and faculties deans.

 “Today, we are celebrating the opening of this lab and yesterday we opened the Arab American University Ramallah’s campus, thanks for all the efforts that have been made. I am very pleased that on every beautiful occasion in the university history we remain steadfast in our determination to make more efforts. We are moving forward with steady and balanced steps towards excellence”, Dr. Asfour said, during the laboratory opening.

 He added, this lab is another proof for coping with technology acceleration, the university has given great importance since the beginning. It has combined technology with its teaching and administrative systems to achieve desired benefit and graduate students with modern knowledge and technological skills needed in local, regional and international markets.

 Arab American University Workers' Union honored the Chairman of University's Board of Directors Dr. Yousef Asfour in recognition of his great role and contribution to establishing this scientific edifice and for standing with the University family, students and staff.

During the honoring, attended by members of the union and university family, the union president Mr. Saleh Affaneh said “On behalf of myself and colleges, we welcome Dr. Yousef Asfour, it is always a pleasure to have him here at university. Today, we offer him this appreciation shield for his persistence and significant role. Arab American University wouldn’t exist in Jenin without him. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts”. 

Dr. Asfour in his speech thanked the union and AAUP for this gustier “Seeing you as one united, distinguish, giving and devoted family who is loyal to Palestine and the university. Thank you all so much”, he said. 

He added, with your efforts, work and excellence Arab American University shined at higher education in Palestine, the region. This university is not just for the Directors Board and investors, it’s yours and the people of Palestine and every free soul in our historical Palestine, this university, established in 2000 with 170 students, faced many obstacles and difficulties. Today, with 10,000 students from Palestine it graduated generations, provided employment opportunities, achieved people’s unity and created wonderful Palestinian relations, which we are proud of. Yesterday, we opened AAUP site in Ramallah and tomorrow we will complete another achievement.

The workers union honored the Chairman of Border of Directors at Arab American University Dr. Yousef Asfour in the presence of the university family
Arab American University Head of Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour opening new computer lab
During opening the new computer laboratory