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Arab American University Hosts Bagrut Students in the Open Day to Introduce them to Academic Programs

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Arab American University organized an open day for the 1948 lands students holding Bagrut certificate to introduce them to the academic programs, specializations offered by AAU, hundreds of the students came along with their families.

During the open day

Activities started with the National Palestinian Anthem, reading some Quran, solidarity stand with prisoners in their dignity strike. Dean of Students Affairs Dr. Abdallah Wolwel gave the opening speech, representing the University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri, expressing his appreciation for university administration efforts which pays great attention to guide students to choose their university majors by looking at what the university provides. “You’re standing at the doors of the two most important stages in your life and future Tawjihi and undergraduate level that follows, and I’m confident you will do your best to achieve success and excellence”, he said.

He added “Today, you have the chance to learn about the Arab American University faculties and undergraduate programs, making it easier for you to choose your future and achieve your desire to join the specialization you want”.

Dr. Wolwel called the families to empower and support their kids’ choices, advise them and be there for them. Asking educational institutions to provide guidance and counseling to have a complete educational process in order to create good citizen, who helps improving the Palestinian community and institutions development, and he thanked everyone participated in accomplishing this successful informative day.

After that, an introductory film on AAUP was played, followed with guidance lecture by faculties’ deans on the academic programs offered, admission and registration mechanism and its acceptance requirements.

Both the students and their families visited faculties corners to see what each faculty offers, all the students’ questions and inquiries about the academic programs where answered and followed by a field tour.

The open day activities included artistic segments by the Arab American University Dabkeh and Folklore band and a standup comedy act by Nidal Badarneh from Arabat Al Batuf town in the 1948 Palestine.

Solidarity stand with the prisoners
University Band
Solidarity stand with the prisoners