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Arab American University Hosts President of Palestinian Bar Association in the Northern

Monday, October 16, 2017

President of the Arab American University Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri in presence Mr. Waleed Afifi, Trustees Board member, welcomed the Palestinian Bar Association President in the Northern District Mr. Khalid Zoubi, who visited the university to check it and its achievements. 

Welcoming the Palestinian Bar President in the Northern district Mr. Khalid Zoubi

In his visit, Mr. Khalid Zoubi the attorney from the 1948 Palestine, accompanied Director of Nazareth Association for Culture and Tourism Mr. Tareq Shehadeh.

Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri welcomed Mr. Afifi and Mr. Zoubi, saying “The University is a model of excellence and successful investment in higher education. It’s an example to follow and evidence of Palestinian’s people ability to build institutions to be the pillar of our Palestinian state future. AAUJ seeks to develop higher education sector with a qualitative leap in education quality and modern teaching methods through international partnerships in several programs”.

The guest got detailed explanation from Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri about mechanisms to develop current academic programs and new ones in the future based on adequate studies of local and international market and knowing the needs for competencies. Also, talked about encouraging scientific research and participations in international journals, partnerships with Arab and international universities, exchange experts and faculty members, student scientific visits to other universities, and participating in specialized scientific conferences and international competitions. Stressing, the Arab American University took important step forward, recently it got Palestine’s first accredited Business Administration PhD in partnership with Indiana University, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Zoubi thanked the university administration for their hospitality. Stressing, the university’s academic reputation is great locally and nationally. Saying “Every Palestinian is proud of this great scientific edifice and its achievements within a few years, to become one of the most important Palestinian universities that adopt modern teaching similar to international universities. He added, Palestinian job market is witnessing the excellence of the Arab American University graduates”.

He added, this university a continuous source of pride. It’s a Palestinian university with a great patriotic message along with educational one.

“Today, when I visit the university, I always longed to visit, I am very happy. I see this Palestinian union which, artificial borders and obstacles, hasn’t stopped from communicating and expressing its love for Palestine and this land. This university is message for anyone trying to differentiate this people, and that the younger generations wants to live together, artificial borders means nothing to them. Today and every day I feel proud walking around university campus”, Afifi said.

During the meeting, Zoubi met the Faculty of Law Dean Dr. Bashar Daraghmeh and the faculty’s law professor Dr. Ghassan Alayan. Listening to a detailed explanation about the faculty specializations, teaching mechanisms, textbooks and taught courses. The two parties discussed a number of plans and development ideas.

Welcoming the Palestinian Bar President in the Northern district Mr. Khalid Zoubi
Reception of Palestinian Bar Association President in the Northern Mr. Khalid Zoubi
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