Arab American University Organizes Awareness Day on Preventing Breast Cancer and Diabetic Patients Tests

Monday, October 30, 2017

Faculty of Nursing at Arab American University organized an awareness day for breast cancer prevention and make medical examinations for diabetics, in cooperation with the Palestinian Medical Relief, Al-Motala Hospital in Jerusalem and sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund.

It marks the month of raising awareness for breast cancer prevention and awareness campaigns serving university students and employees.

The educational day on Breast cancer prevention

The day included, free “Mammography” tests were conducted to detect breast cancer, spread awareness on diabetes prevention, foot and retina examinations, general diabetes test, present educational video on breast cancer and distributing awareness leaflets explaining the importance of dealing with it with caution, periodic testing and choose healthy diet.

Dr. Mustafa Al Barghouthi, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dr. Mohammad Asia, the Director of Jenin Health Directorate Dr. Wissam Sobihat, the representative of the United Nations Population Fund Dr. Ali Al-Shaar, the representative of Al-Matala Hospital In Jerusalem Mr. Ziad Baradea, faculty members and administrative students of the Faculty of Nursing.

During the conference, the speakers stressed the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer through radiation and self-examination. They also discussed the high mortality rates of breast cancer patients in Palestine because of the lack of interest in early detection of lack of awareness, which does not help increase the cure rates of the disease.

Several discussions were raised about the seriousness of the disease and the importance of early detection, prevention methods, treatment mechanisms, importance of overcoming the psychological factor, and spreading awareness among community.

Diabetics Examinations
Breast Cancer Prevention
The educational day on Breast cancer prevention