Arab American University Organizes the Hult Prize's 1st Stage

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A group of the Arab American University Students organized the Hult Prize international competition’s first stage for the first time in the university.

University students organizing the first stage of the Hult Prize competition

It is a global competition founded by Ahmed Al-Ashqar a Palestinian businessman from Tulkarm city. It raises a global problem, giving university students around the world a chance to create teams, make difference, and proposing projects or ideas to solve it. The winner team gets one million US dollar to ably their project on the ground.

At the Arab American University, the competition lasted for more than four hours. Each team presented its idea to the jury who chose the winner with the best idea after long dialogue and consultation. The winning team will participate in the world universities regional stage in one of the cities: “London, Dubai, San Francisco, Boston, and Shanghai” to proceed in this global competition. Also, AAUJ winning team will participate in the local Hult Prize competition between all qualified teams from universities in West Bank and Gaza, to win the award and get 30 thousand dollars to the First Place winning team.