Arab American University Welcomes the Norwegian Expert Bjorn Ekelund

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Arab American University faculty of Graduate Studies in Ramallah hosted the Norwegian expert Bjorn Ekelund, who developed the tool to break barriers in a multi-environment in a wide and diverse world. The method of breaking barriers was developed by Bjorn with three main colors: red, green and blue, each color is signed to specific character based on a set of observations and standards.

Group photo with the Norwegian Expert Bjorn Ekelund

During his visit, the Norwegian expert gave a workshop for 40 students in literature and cultural communication specialization and Master of Conflict Resolution and Development in line with the University's philosophy and mission to open up to the local and international environment.

Pune pointed, the green symbolizes and reflects the flexible, open, social and non-rigid personality who doesn’t accept being controlled especially by social and political forces, and it also has wider view for cultural and social communication in a wide environment whose variables are technology, globalization and global integration. As for the red’s characteristics they are emotional impulse, show of emotions, work within a team, easily communicating with the social environment and other human groups, likes listening to music, watching sports and reading literature. The tools not only used to facilitate cultural communication among humans, but also in conflict resolution in its various colors, social, political and local shades.

He also explained that blue is the color of the kind of personality based on science, evidences, handling numbers and delicate calculations. Usually, those holders carry individual sanctification, meticulous administrative work and strict hierarchical sequence especially in public and private institutions. Also they tend to study natural sciences, engineering, medicine and other mechanical sciences.

The workshop attended by Dr. Nidal Al-Jayousi, literature and cultural communication lecturer at the university, Prof. Ayman Yousef conflict resolution and disputes professor at the university and Dr. Nora, who is specialized in identity and world culture studies

Coach Bjorn used all the available technical tools in the hall to bring this concept closer, as well as the work of groups and interaction and discussion, especially that the workshop included students from the disciplines of cultural communication and conflict resolution and development, as this mixture of students contributed to the workshop to give a special color and a conscious area, and considered the expert Pune that facilitate dialogue and strengthen cultural communication ultimately lead to the resolution or conflict To a more immediate stage of resolution, especially social, political, family and regional conflicts in a changing world and in a wide environment.

Part of the meeting